Anti-Netanyahu rally in London

On Wednesday, thousands of British citizens including MPs, labor union leaders and anti-war activists held a protest rally in front of David Cameron’s 10 Downing Street residence against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyah’s two-day visit to London. The pro-Israel Jewish and anti-Muslim Christian groups staged a counter demonstration at the same time. Police had to use force to stop Zionist hooligans attacking anti-Netanyahu protesters carrying Hamas and Hizbullah flags, and Free Palestine banners. According to the Jewish Chronicle police arrested one anti-Netanyahu and five pro-Netanyahu protesters. Watch a video below.

Before boarding plane to begin his visit to London, Netanyahu warned western leaders about the Islamic danger to the western civilization by repeating his Talmudic bigotry against Muslims and Islam by saying that Islamic teachings are the root causes of bloodshed in the region.

We are challenged by the opposite of modernity, which is a barbaric medievalism, early medievalism, primitive, savage, murderous that come from two sources of militant Islam,” said Netanyahu, who also urged Europe to stop criticizing its stance as pertaining to Palestine, reported by Jewish International Business Times on September 9, 2015.

So the rabid Jew believes there no “militant Christians” among Palestinians. Dr. George Habash, a Christian Palestinian was the founder of first anti-Israel armed resistance group, Popular Liberation Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP), in 1969 – years ahead Yasser Arafat’s PLO.

On August 23, 2015, some idiot Mark Banham, at the International Business Times while whining about David Cameron’s re-opening UK’s embassy in Tehran – claimed that in return Iran will re-open its embassy in London after 35 years!! Funny though, London had an embassy serving tens of thousands of Iranians living in United Kingdom until 2011.

During his visit, Netanyahu is scheduled to meet UK’s prime minister David Cameron and leaders of country’s Jewish lobby groups. Israeli embassy in London in a statement said that in addition to discussing further enhancement in military and trade cooperation between Israel and UK, Netanyahu intends to explain the evil effects of the US-Iran nuclear agreement, and Israeli regime’s displeasure at London’s reopening its embassy in Tehran.

On Monday, several British lawmakers, union leaders and academics published an open letter in daily Guardian, saying, Netanyahu deserve sanctions, not a welcome to the UK, for his war crimes against Gaza people last year.


3 responses to “Anti-Netanyahu rally in London

  1. Over 100,000 of us Brits signed a petition demanding that Netanyahu be denied access to our country and should be arrested as a war criminal.. When 100,000 signatures are reached our MPs can theoretically debate any proposition put to them. But, unfortunately, on this occasion they didn’t bring the issue to parliament. The pro-Israel Zionist lobby here wields a significant amount of political power particularly within the ruling Tory party.

  2. This is utterly disgusting and thoroughly shameful action by people who know very little about the Prime Minister of Israel. He is a man of integrity who loves his country and people. He knows that the first and only important job of a PM is safeguarding and protecting them from those who would do them harm. This action was led by the Left and Muslim groups: the same Muslim groups shouting hatred and death to us whilst living off our benefits…….. The police are scared of them it would seem and tend to arrest those who are opposed to their hatred and displays of support for ISIS. Well, surprise, surprise, the same has happened again with this lot. Those opposing them are arrested Where were this lot when rockets are fired daiy at Israel………??

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