US honors 4 Hizbullah and Hamas fighters

On Tuesday, Jewish press reported that Obama administration has placed Hizbullah “spokesperson” Samir Kuntar and three Hamas “military leaders”, Yahya Sinwar, Rawhi Mushtaha and Mohammad Dief on the specially designated global terrorist list. The US State Department designation will freeze their assets in United States and ban Americans doing business with them. They would also be banned to enter United States and its client states.

Now here are the jokes:

  1. Samir Kuntar, 53, is a Lebanese Druze (non-Muslim), who served 29 years in Israeli jail before released in exchange for the remains of dead Jew soldiers. He is not Hizbullah “spokesperson”, but a member of Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF), a breakaway faction of PLFP founded by Dr. George Habash (d. 2008), a Christian Marxist.
  2. On July 29, 2015, The Israel National News had boasted, “Hezbollah child killer Samir Kuntar killed in Israeli airstrike in Syria.” Pity, now the US State Department has called Israel “a liar”.
  3. Yahya Sinwar, Rawhi Mushtaha and Mohammad Dief are neither businessmen nor Arab sheikhs, so how could they afford assets in United states. I bet my Canadian dollar, they’re not even paid as good as American military officials or Israeli ISIL bastards fighting Israeli wars in the Middle East.
  4. Hamas’ Izzedine el Qassam Brigades has called the US decision as a Badge of honor.

On July 8, 2008, the Arab hating Jewish idiot, Dr. Daniel Pipes slammed Palestinians and Lebanese people for receiving Samir Kuntar as a ‘national hero’.

Israel, UK and Australia have classified Hamas’ Izzedine el Qassam Brigades as a “terrorist organization”. It’s not considered as a “terrorist organization” by Russia, China, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar, Brazil, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and Iran.

Israel, the US, France, Australia, Canada, Netherlands and the Gulf Cooperation Council have declared Hizbullah as a “terrorist organization”. The EU has imposed this classification on Hizbullah’s armed wing only. In early 2015, the director of National Intelligence removed Hizbullah from the ‘list of terrorists against the United States.

On July 26, 2015, Ronen Bergman at the YNet explained how Hizbullah is ‘making over killing’ in political PR. He claimed that the Islamic resistance brought in journalist belonging to Jewish mainstream media, such as, New York Times, Wall street Journal, Reuters, associated Press, German media, etc., and “drove them to Qalamun Mountains in Syria in order to view the land Hizbullah conquered from the Takfiris.” One of the participant told Yedioth Ahronoth that “Hizbullah escorts went out of the way to make sure the journalists were satisfied and receive everything they wanted, so they would produce favorable articles.” On wonders if Hizbullah’s “favors” included Israeli alcohol and hookers!!


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