Israel lowers the bar on Jewishness for new immigrants

Since its creation in 1948, the Zionist entity has lived with an acute non-Jewish demographic fear. The World Zionist movement leaders collaborated with Nazis, terrorized Jewish communities in Muslim Arab and African countries and bargained with Jewish-occupied Soviet Union in order to make Palestine a Jewish majority country.

Since then, every Zionist regime has stressed the importance of immigration (aka law of return) for the survival of Israel as the so-called “Jewish State”, which it’s NOT. In fact, as result of racism, economic problems and constant at war with its neighbors – more Jews are leaving Israel than arriving. On July 5, 2011, the Foreign Policy magazine reported that nearly one million Israeli Jews live and work in the US, Canada and European countries.

To counter this Jewish exodus, Zionist regime has asked some of its allies (Germany, Australia and Russia) not to admit Israeli Jews as citizen. The Zionist leaders played this anti-Jewish card during WWII, when they lobbied against accepting European Jewish refugees on humanitarian basis in the US, Canada and Britain. Furthermore, Netanyahu has repeatedly called 500,000 French Jews to immigrate to Israel to escape anti-Semitism in a country whose president, prime minister and three cabinet ministers are pro-Israel Jews.

Currently, Israel’s immigration officials are examining ways to lower the Jewishness bar in Law of Return, a foundational piece of legislation defining who is a Jew, in order to flood occupied Palestine with millions of more Fake Jews.

Silvan Shalom, Israel’s interior minister said recently that he intends to take “the most liberal policy on immigration to bring more Jews from everywhere around the world.”

Israeli Zionist rabbis have been campaigning for decades to convince poor people in India, Sudan, Ethiopia, Peru, Afghanistan, Tanzania, etc. that they could be the so-called The Ten Lost Tribes. These people are promised a better life if they decide to leave their ancestral lands and settle in Israel. However, so far, the people who have been fooled by these Zionist vultures have ended up doing chores which the European Jews hate to do in Israel.

Israeli-born author and peace activist, Glad Atzmon, explains “Jewishness” here.


2 responses to “Israel lowers the bar on Jewishness for new immigrants


    this is unbelievable, they are the cancer in the Middle East….

    Regards Joop

  2. The so-called Jewish state is doomed.

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