Australian PM condemned by his lesbian sister

Lately, Australia’s pro-Israel prime minister Tony abbott has been condemned not only by country’s Jewish community but also by his own sister Christine Forster, for his stand against same sex marriage. Ms Forster is Sydney City Councilor and openly lesbian (here).

According to a recent poll, 64% of White Christian-majority Australians support same sex marriage.”

Tony abbot, a Jesuit-educated Catholic who spent three years studying for the priesthood, has called same-sex marriage a “very deeply personal” issue and one “on which decent people can differ”. He has proposed that Australian voters decide the issue directly, in a referendum or a non-binding plebiscite. He is vague about how this vote would be conducted, but he said it probably would be held after the next elections,” reported the Jew York Times.

Australia’s opposition Labour Party has already announced that if elected, it will make same-sex marriage kosher. Last month, former Labour prime minister Julia Gillard (2010-2013) came out in support of same-sex marriage while she opposed it when she was PM. Ms. Gillard is a ‘Distinguished Foreign Fellow’ at the Jewish advocacy organization, The Brookings Institute in Washington. She is not sorry for being unmarried or childless – but says very happy living with her Jewish bedroom partner Tim Mathieson.

Like the US, Britain, France, Germany and Canada, Australia is an Israeli colony. Country’s 70% of mainstream media is owned by Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch. a great majority of Australians are brainwashed to hate Muslims.


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