Rabbi: American fund Jewish terrorism in West Bank

Last week, Rabbi Jill Jacobs, leader of T’ruah, a rabbinic human rights organization, submitted a complaint to the New York state attorney-general office to investigate an Israel-based American Jewish NGO, Honenu, and its sponsor, the NY-based Central Fund of Israel for funding Israeli Jewish settlers, convicted for acts of terrorism or under investigation for acts of terrorism against native Palestinian Muslims and Christians in the Jewish Occupied Palestine, particularly in the West Bank.

The complaint mentioned the recent attack on a Palestinian home in northern West Bank by a group of Jewish terrorists. They torched the house while the Daobasa  family was sleeping, killing 18-month-old Ali Saad and wounding his 4-year-old brother and parents. Both parents of Ali Saad died in hospital later as result of severe burns.

Rabbi Jacobs has claimed that her organization has submitted more than 100 documented cases of terrorism against Palestinians carried out by the Jews during the first six months of this year. She claims that Honenu not only provides defense lawyers for the terrorists but also provide financial support for families of the convicted Jew terrorists.

“Just as we would be furious to learn of tax-exempt money going to Hamas or ISIS, we must not allow US taxpayers to subsidize money that is given strings-free to members of our own people who are accused or convicted of terror,” says Jacobs.

You have to excuse Rabbi Jacobs’ Jewish Learning for comparing Palestinian resistance group Hamas with US-Israel bastard child ISIS and Honenu. For example, in 2013, Honenu sent funds to the family of a Israeli convicted of killing seven Palestinians in May 1990; the families of two Jewish-Israelis convicted of attempted murder for trying to plant a bomb at a girls school in eastern Jerusalem in 2002; and the son of a former Israeli Knesset member who kidnapped and abused a Palestinian boy in 2010.

Israel’s so-called Righteous President Reuven Rivlin  has claimed that “Israeli government has the rights to build West Bank settlements.”

Despite Washington’s rhetoric against new Jewish settlements in the West Bank, American Jews are part of the colonization of the West Bank. According to Oxford Jewish scholar Sarah Yael Hirschhorn, nearly 60,000 (15%) illegal Jewish settlers in the West Bank are American citizens.


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