Putin: Refugee crisis created by the US-EU

refugees[1]Russian president Vladimir Putin has blamed the ‘self-centered’ Western policies in the Middle East and Africa for Europe’s current refugee crisis. Putin also said that Syrians are not running away from Bashar al-Assad regime but ISIS, the terrorist militia created by the US for Israel.

Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian-appointed president of Occupied Chechnya, has also accused western powers for the refugee crisis by invading Muslim countries.

If today no one rises against the inhumane policies of the Western countries, tomorrow the disaster may come to any Muslim country. I call upon you to urgently discuss this problem, to develop a unified position and to save the lives of thousands of people,” Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram account.

Chris Ernesto, co-founder of US-based anti-war organization, St. Pete for Peace, says the US and Israel have attacked eight Muslim states (Sudan, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia) just this year.

I’m one of the few Muslims who refuses to buy Putin’s pro-Muslim rhetoric. He is as much a war criminal for destroying Muslim nation of Chechnya, as Bush-Blair for the murder of over one million Iraqis for Israel and Bill Clinton for cooperating with Christian Serbs and Croats for the murder of 100,000 Bosnian Muslims.

The EU nations are showing their religious and ethnic bigotry against refugees from Middle East and Africa. Most of them have refused to take-in African immigrants from EU’s plan to accept 60,000 refugees. For example, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria have announced they will accept only Christian refugees from Syria. Tiny Iceland is the only EU member that has shown its willingness to accept more Muslim migrants from Syria.


On Sunday, while admitting that wounded rebels fighting against Syrian army have been treated in Israeli hospitals, Netanyahu refused opposition call to accept Syrian refugees, saying: “Israel is very small state. It has no geographical depth or demographic depth.” I bet he wouldn’t have said that if the migrants have been Jewish. Naturally, Arab migrants from Syria would upset foreign Jewish demographic majority in the occupied Palestine.

A final thought. Since Edward Snowden is free to leave Russia as Putin says, and since he cannot afford to return to his native land United States, execution is waiting for him – he should go to Iceland and seek asylum like the Syrian Muslims. That would prove to the world that United States is no better than Israel or Saudi Arabia, when it comes to freedom of thoughts.


2 responses to “Putin: Refugee crisis created by the US-EU

  1. Your are forgetting the role of Saudi-Arabia and Turkey in this crisis, both are professing to be Islamic states. And don’t you think that the Chechnya situation was created by the AngloAmericans to weaken Russia. In fact, lot of Muslim factions are supported by AngloAmerican money.

    • You seems to a be usual uninformed dude of western history. Turkey is not an “Islamic State”. It doesn’t register itself at UN under that name. Since WWI it had been ruled by Crypto-Jews. Even Erdogan had stated his despise of being called “Islamist”.

      Where you find “Islam” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)? The Saud ‘royals’ are all descendants of Jewish tribe.

      Chechnya, an Islamic-majority Sultanate was conquered and annexed by Czarist Russia over 400 years ago. Chechen are victim of Organized Jewry as much as Russian Orthodox Church.

      What’s “AngloAmerican”? Is it Rothschild (German) or European thugs who occupied Americana, Australia and New Zealand? Which country other than the Zionist entity these AngloAmerican fund?

      It’s Muslim nation-states like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, etc. which run West’s military complex. Oligarchs from these countries have invested and deposited trillions of dollars in the US and European countries.


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