Richard Falk: Modi is killing democracy in India

Rfalk[1]137 academics from major American universities have written an open letter urging US technology executives to boycott Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative which he intends to sell during his visit to Silicon Valley on September 27, 2015.

The great majority of academic who have signed the letter, are Hindus from India. They have criticized Modi’s role in 2002 Muslim massacre in state of Gujarat which resulted in the death over 2000 Muslim men, women and children while hundreds of young Muslim girls and women were rapped by Hindu rioters. During his one year rule, Modi’s ruling BJP and its Hindutva allies have terrorized low-caste Hindus, Muslim, Sikh and Christian minorities while imposing censor over criticism of government’s policies.

One of the signatory is professor Richard Falk (Princeton University) who is one of the most hated Jewish academic by the Jewish Lobby as result of his criticism of Israel during his 6-year tenure as United Nations’ special envoy for Palestine. Based on my own experience, Falk is no “self-hating Jew”. He has always deleted my comments concerning Zionist Jews’ involvement in crimes against Americans and Muslims on his personal website. In an interview (here) he gave to Pranay Sharma, foreign editor Outlook India magazine, Falk explains why he signed the letter.

I and others on the list have questions about Narendra Modi’s record on religious tolerance, freedom of religion and freedom of expression. Some of those who have signed the letter have also been subject to campaign of harassment from Hindu nationalist followers, which raises particular concerns about academic freedom. Digital India has an enormous potential to affect positive social change, but it simultaneously pose dangers for abuse under Modi administration that can make use of digitalization to target members of minority communities or those who are critical of its policies. It’s my impression that the Modi government has been particularly sensitive to criticism and unfriendly to critics, making our concern more credible,” Falk said.

Modi’s background as Chief Minister and his first year as Prime Minister raises concern that India’s democracy is at risk,” Falk added.

I have joined with Indian colleagues because I have seen what digital age abuses have occurred in my own country. The Snowden disclosure should serve as a reminder. It’s important that Digital India evolves in tandem with the protection and advancement of fundamental rights of all workers,” Falk said.

Washington imposed a ban on Narendra Modi in 2005 for his part as chief minister of Gujarat in Muslim massacre in the state. The ban was lifted last year as result of campaign by Hindutva lobby in United States with a helping hand from Zionist lobby groups. Netanyahu has declared Modi a great friend of Israel.


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