Joe Biden: Netanyahu wants a regime change in Tehran

The US vice-President Joe Biden, a blind supporter of Israel in his own words (watch a video below), has finally admitted that Washington has no problem with Iran’s nuclear program. It wants a regime change in Tehran because that’s what Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and powerful Jewish lobby groups in the US want.

“The only thing that would satisfy (US-Iran nuclear) deal opponents including Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is “a regime change” that could only come with US power,” Biden said on Thursday, addressing Ahavath Achim synagogue in Atlanta.

It took Joe Biden more than two decades to admit the Israeli agenda, which Netanyahu had been pursuing since 1992.

An Iranian nuclear bomb was a lot further away 15 years ago when I started talking about. It was a lot further away 10 years ago. It was a lot further away 5 years ago. It was a lot further away five months ago. They’re getting there, and they’re getting very, very close,” Netanyahu told Fox News’ Jewish anchorwoman Greta Van Susteren, on March 7, 2012.

Interestingly, some of recently released FBI classified files claim that both Netanyahu and Shimon Peres were involved in stealing US nuclear technology and enrich uranium material to make the first ‘Jewish Bomb’ in the 1960s.

Historically, American Zionist Jews have played significant role in transferring highly classified nuclear secrets and enriched uranium to USSR, Israel and China. Some of those known traitors are Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Dr. Zalman Shapiro (NUMEC), Hollywood film producer Aaron Milchan, and Jonathan Pollard (here, here and here).

The US-Iran nuclear deal has exposed the US traitors once again. The Republicans are in the AIPAC camp while Democrats in J-Street camp; both being two faces of the same coin. Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer is naturally with AIPAC and Joe Biden with J-Street. Both want regime change in Tehran. Dermer wants America to do to Iran what it did to Iraq under Saddam Hussein – Joe Biden wants a Ukraine-style regime change in Tehran.

On July 14, 2015, Netanyahu in an official statement admitted that he is dedicated to removal the regime in Tehran which supports Hizbullah and Hamas against Israel. To prove his point, Netanyahu quoted Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei saying: “Negotiation with P5+1 are on nuclear issue, and nothing else.” This means that Tehran will never recognize Jewish occupation of Palestine or stop supporting Hizbullah and Hamas, as demanded by Netanyahu.

Richard Haass, the radical Jewish president of the Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR), in an Opinion piece at the Wall Street Journal (August 28, 2015) proposed a “Third Option” to maintain Israel’s nuclear supremacy in the region. Haass claims; 1) If deal is sealed, the JCPOA has 10-15 year limitation on Iran’s ambition to acquire a nuclear bomb – but no mechanism to stop Iran’s further research in that field, 2) If the deal is rejected, Iran will pursue other means to fulfill its nuclear dream. This will result in a dangerous military conflict between the US (not Israel!) and Iran. To avoid this, the US should insist on extending the JCPOA with not time limit and the clause: “The development or acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran would constitute a threat to vital US interests that will not be tolerated. Furthermore, the contents JCPOA will be based on the US interpretations and not Iran’s or the other members of the P5+1.”

On Friday, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei warned the so-called P5+1 that Iran held talks with them for the removal of sanctions against Iran and that there would be no deal between the two sides if the bans remain in place.


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