Riyadh to buy Israel’s ‘Iron Dumb Dome’

In the wake of Riyadh’s helplessness to counter and vulnerability against Yemen’s rocket attacks, Israel has offered to sell its US-funded “prized” anti-rocket Iron Dumb Dome in the Saudi military to be employed along Saudi-Yemen border amid its aggression to re-install pro-USraeli regime in Sana’a.

US-based Jewish millionaire George Friedman’s Stratfor Global Intelligence group reported on August 25, 2015 that the western anti-Houthi operation lead by Saudi Arabia confront forceful opposition even within the country.

Israel made the offer in June 2014 during a meeting between Dore Gold, former Israeli ambassador to United Nations and Gen.( ret) Anwar Majed Eshki, ex-advisor to Prince Bandar bin Sultan, former Saudi ambassador in London. the meeting was arranged by Dr. Richard N. Haass, Zionist Jewish hawk chairman of America’s most powerful pro-Israel think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) since 2002. During the meeting both Gold and Haass supported Riyadh policy against Tehran in the region.

According to Israeli sources, the Iron Dome sale agreement could be inked during Saudi multi-billionaire businessman Prince Walid bin Talal’s visit to Israel in the near future.

Dr. Reuven Pedatzur, a highly respected Israeli security analyst claims that Iron Dome’s successful interception rate may well be 5% or less — far below the 84% success rate cited by the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) and other defenders of the program.

Pedatzur also said: “One missile of Iron Dome will cost 100,000 dollars and a Qassam (rocket) costs about 5 to 10 dollars. So what the Palestinians have to do is just accumulate more and more Qassams – because there is a limit to the number of missiles that Israel can buy.”

Last year, India became the first country agreed to buy Israel’s anti-missile defense technology to defend itself from Chinese and Pakistani missiles.

Valérie Gauriat, Euro News correspondent, in a recent report analyzed Riyadh failure to remove Houthis from power in Yemen.

She claims that Riyadh has spent billions of dollars to curb the growing influence of Iran and Shi’ite thought in the world by building mosques and cultural centers to export its Wahhabi ideology and spreading it in Muslim countries and Europe.

She also says that Saudi ‘royals’ have bribed many regimes in the Muslim world and even Israel (reportedly gave $16 billion) to undermine Iranian influence but have failed miserably.

The victory of Hizbullah and Hamas supported by Iran against Israel was the beginning of Saudis’ defeat among Sunnis. Failure of Saudi-led alliance against Yemen further aggravated Saudi Arabia’s fundamental weakness,”  Gauriat wrote.


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