Jeremy Corbyn and 1994 London bombing

I bet, Jeremy Corbyn, the front runner for the leadership of the pro-Israel Labour Party must have some patriotic agenda for his countrymen, otherwise he wouldn’t be hounded by UK’s powerful Jewish Lobby by claiming that in addition to Hamas, he also supports so-called “terrorists” who bombed Israeli targets in London in 1994.

UK’s oldest Zionist propagandist site, Jewish Chronicle, has added this as the latest accusation against Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Israel charge sheet.

Jeremy Corbyn was a leading activist in campaign for the release of two people who were jailed for their involvement in the bombing of a Jewish charity building and the Israeli embassy in London,” Marcus Dysch claimed on September 1, 2015.

Dysch was referring to Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami, two British science graduates born into Palestinian families, who were wrongfully accused in 1994 for the said crime to demonize PLO. British corrupt judicial system sentenced both youth to 20 year in prison. Many people including Jeremy Corbyn believed the pair’s innocence and campaigned for their release. Botmeh was finally released in 2008.

Was Jeremy Corbyn wrong believing in the pair’s story? A latter investigation by MI5 concluded that bombing was carried out by Israeli Mossad.

Next thing we know, Corbyn will be accused for his involvement in July 7, 2005 London boming, another Mossad false flag operation blamed on Muslims.

Israeli Mossad is known for carrying-out the so-called suicide-bombing at Israeli and Jewish targets – from Argentina to Turkey.

Why Corbyn scares the hell out of British Organized Jewry. Colin Shindler in an Opinion Post at Likud-linked The Jerusalem Post, explained on July 15, 2015. He said that “while Jeremy Corbyn is unassuming, articulate and a conviction politician,” he like the former London Mayor Ken Livingstone is more influenced by Palestinian struggle for their homeland than the Zionist dream of the Eretz Yisrael.


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