Bernie Sanders: A con Zionist Jew

A Bloomberg poll conducted by Jewish pollster J. Ann Selzer last week showed Sen. Bernard (Bernie) Sanders catching-up Hillary Clinton in US presidential race. There is no secret Hillary’s election machine is funded by billionaire George Soro and other rich Jews – but when it comes to trust – naturally the Jewish Lobby will prefer one of its Tribe – Bernie Sanders.

The so-called ‘self-hating’ Jewish international lawyer, Barry Grossman, in a recent interview with Iran’s Press TV, claimed: Voting for Hillary is voting for Israel.

You may consider Bernie Sanders to be a friend of poor or anything – but don’t forget he is 101% behind the Zionist regime. Don’t be fooled by Sanders’ opposition to Iraq War. He didn’t agree with the pro-Israel neoconservative mafia, because he believed Iraq has no WMDs and Saddam Hussein was a US-Israel ally against Iran.

On August 25, Margaret Kimberley at the Black Agenda Report said: “Bernie Sanders and his supporters claim he is different, a breath of fresh air. Yet he “won’t state for the record how his foreign policy differs” from Hillary Clinton and Republicans. “He doesn’t question why the US has the right to dictate policy to other nations, and “repeat the same discredited mantra” as Obama on the nuclear threat from Iran – a threat that even CIA has declared never existed. Socialism? He won’t even say the word.”

Bernie Sanders, like the rest of the presidential hopeful, is against removing influence of big money from politics.

When it comes to the Muslim world, Sanders is no different than Ben Carsons, who believes that every patriotic American must support Israel.

Sanders supports Saudi Arabia’s proxy wars for Israel in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Gaza to protect the US-Israel’s regional interests.

Sanders is a lobbyist for the US military establishment, which brings much-needed jobs to his Vermont constituency. He also joined the 100 to 0 vote in the Senate giving a blind moral support to the Zionist regime during its 2014 carpet-bombing of Gaza, killing over 2,000 civilians including 567 children. Watch below how Sanders holds-on to his dirty Zionist pants.

Bernie Sanders was born into a Polish Jewish family that arrived in United States in 1921. That means he cannot wear the ‘Holocaust Survivor’ badge around his neck, but nothing have stopped him lying that many members of his family died at Auschwitz. As youths, both Bernie and his older brother Larry spent some time on a kibbutz built on land stolen from Palestinian families. Larry met his first wife at the kibbutz. Jewish Tablet magazine said on August 20 that Adolf Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt had the greatest influence over both brothers.


3 responses to “Bernie Sanders: A con Zionist Jew

  1. The history of the United States foreign policy in the middle east would indicate that both the Democrats and Republican’s are rock solid in their support of the terrorist rogue state – always have and always will. The notion that the world’s superpower is an honest broker in the region is a sick joke. American president’s only tell the truth when they leave office – Carter being an example. American geopolitical and strategic interests are tied up with the interests of Zionism. In other words, they are mutually reinforcing. Israel is the tail to America’s dog.

  2. It is very popular to say crush ISIS in America. It is all very simplistic. There is no depth to reporting about what and who ISIS is. People are ready for more war.

  3. I hope we’re still not under the false impression that the holocaust was a real event.

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