UK: Israel Lobby becomes ‘Lord’

In response to Arrest Netanyahu for War Crimes campaign, UK’s prime minister David Cameron, announced on August 27 that the veteran director of Conservative Friends of Israel, Stuart Polak, is given the honor to sit in British House of Lords in order to look after Israel’s interests in United Kingdom.

Polak has another role which most Brits don’t know. He is a key figure in The Westminister Connection (TWC), an ‘arms for sale’ advocacy group. Polak lobby for Haifa-based electronic giant Elbit Systems, which has branches in UK, US, Germany, France and several other European countries.

Liverpool-born Polak took an all expense-paid trip to Israel at age 15. He is a former official of British Jewish Lobby, the Board of Jewish Deputies.

The anti-Netanyahu campaign has given another reason to UK’s Jewish Lobby to stop Jeremy Corbyn leading opposition Labour Party, which has been a Zionist territory since WWII. Corbyn said if elected, he would urged the government to arrest Netanyahu on war crimes against 1.7 million Gaza people last year.

Daily Kos editorial (January 22, 2015) described Netanyahu really good. “The warmongering anti-Arab, racist and bigoted Likud Party of Israel – led by a war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, don’t represents many in Israel who want peace with Palestinian people. Now Benjamin Netanyahu the darling of Likud Party wants to plunge America into an insensible, senseless and uncalled for war with Iran. If Benjamin Netanyahu wants to fight a war with Iran – he should use his own citizens of Israel to fight and die. How does a war with Iran based on falsehood, fabrications and lies benefit any Hispanic/Latino-American, Irish-American, Asian-American, Polish-American, African-American, Native-American, English-American, etc.”

Netanyahu, on the other hand, has asserted that accusing him or Israel of committing war crimes, is old-fashioned Jew-hating.

UK’s prime minister, David Cameron, who boast his Jewish heritage, says that Netanyahu, being head of a foreign country, has immunity under British Constitution from all prosecutions. Ironically, some Africans believe that David Cameron should be arrested during his visit to West Africa and thrown in a Nairobi jail for his ancestors’ war crimes against Mau Mau.


4 responses to “UK: Israel Lobby becomes ‘Lord’

  1. Enough of your anti-Zionism!!!! Zionism is the National freedom movement of the Jewish People. When it comes to a national movement for Jews it would seem that only national movements are only acceptable for other people.If Israel would have existed before 1933 there would have been no holocaust which murdered one third of world Jewry. You and people like you will not change history now!!!!.

  2. A so called Jewish autonomous state was created by Stalinist Russia in 1934 in Birobidzhan situated on the borders of China.. The language was Yiddish written in Hebrew lettering. Stalin thought that by placing Jews there he would rid Russia of all Jews. This is exactly what happened under Czarist Russia, the majority of Jews were kept in the pale of settlement, away from the large towns and cities. If they had to visit a city they needed special documentation,, if they didn’t possess the correct papers they would be thrown in prison. Before criticizing me i would suggest that you read some non biased literature on the history of the Jewish people both in the Christian and the Arab-Muslim world. You think that it was only the Palestinians who suffered Nakba, well we the Jews of the Arab world suffered just as much and possibly more so, we the Jewish refugees from the Arab world outnumbered your Palestinian refugees by many more hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees. Further to this Nakba were also thousands of other Jews thrown out of the old City of Jerusalem where many had lived for hundreds of years, some since the destruction of the second 70 AD. by the Romans. The Jordanian Arab legion army in 1948.were responsible for creating even further Jewish refugees by throwing them out of their homes. Their dwellings and businesses were taken away from them. 58 Synagogues blown up destroyed. 38,000 Graves on the Mount of Olives were desecrated, smashed then used as stepping stones and out buildings to shelter their horses.

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