Lobby: Muslim Mayor rejects refugees

Muslim mayor refuses to take in refugees

While the Zionist regime is throwing out thousands of African migrants, the Jewish media found a Muslim-convert Mayor in Italian Tuscan seaside community of Monte Argentario to bash Islam and Muslims.

Mayor Arturo Cerulli, a White Catholic, who converted to Islam 27 years ago has come under wrath of Jewish Lobby for refusing to accept nearly 200 non-White refugees, fearing that it would have a negative effect on municipality’s 13,000 White population and island’s popular tourist industry.

We don’t want refugees here, we don’t have the facility for them. We don’t know where to put them, we don’t know what to do with them,” Jewish newspaper The Local quoted Cerulli saying on Friday.

Cerulli, 60, is a nuclear engineer by profession. He is a member of Italy’s interior minister Angelino Alfonso’s White Supremacist New Center-Right (NCD) party, which is against non-White immigration. However, like other anti-Muslim European groups, NCD, also support the Zionist regime in order to cover-up their racism. Angelino Alfonso along with Italy’s minister of economic development Federica Guidi and Mayor of Turin Piero Fassino recently met several Israeli and world Jewish leaders at EXPO MILANO 2015.

The open borders (immigration), like the gay rights, is always supported by pro-Israel Jewish groups – not because they care much about the people who became refugees as result of Israel’s proxy wars in Africa, Middle East and Asia or the LGBT communities – it’s to undermine Western-Christian culture and maintain Jewish power.

Monte Argentario has an area of 23 sq. ml. and is crowded by hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, markets, huge villas of rich people, parks, recreation facilities, and lovely beaches.

The island is named after Enobardi-Domitii (Argento = silver) moneylender family who owned it during the Romans. Later it came under the rule of kings of Naples, and finally it was occupied by Spaniard Muslims who fortified the harbors. In 1815, the area was included in Grand Dukedom of Tuscany, and finally in 1860 in the newly formed Kingdom of Italy.


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