Tony Blair brokers Israel-Hamas ceasefire

Netanyahu has selected UK’s former prime minister and war criminal, Tony Blair to negotiate a long-term ceasefire with Gaza-ruling Hamas.

It’s reported that Tony Blair, who was appointed recently to lead a Jewish lobby group to fight antisemitism in Europe met Hamas political Guru, Khaled Meshaal in Cairo after a five-member Israeli delegate lead by Netanyahu’s special envoy for Middle East, Isaac Molho visited Cairo and held talks with Gen. al-Sisi’s high-ranking military officials. Hamas leadership has denied such negotiations and have accused Israel of playing ‘divide and rule’ game while demonizing the Islamic resistance group.

Israeli blockade of and several military invasions of Gaza since 2006 have failed to turn majority of nine million Palestinians scattered around the globe and other moral people against Hamas. In fact, it’s the Zionist regime which has been isolated from most of its Western allies than Hamas from the rest of the world. This reality was admitted by Netanyahu’s new ambassador to United Nations, Danny Danon, a fanatic Zionist Jew, by saying: G-d is on Israel’s side while United States is not. Furthermore, Zionist regime has realized that the so-called P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal signed in July 2015 would make it almost impossible for the Jewish army to destroy Hamas and Islamic Jihad as a military threat. Both groups are openly supported by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei and Lebanese Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

If Tony Blair’s brokered long-tern ceasefire does materialize – Israel would be the real beneficiary of it. For example….

  1. The proposed 10-year ceasefire pull Hamas and Fatah factions further apart in accordance with Israel’s divide-and-rule policy. Fatah, a known US-EU-Israeli agent, in order to hold-on to the West Bank, would eventually let Israel annex it as  biblical Judea and Samara, which G-d promised to give it back to Khazarian Jews.
  2. Israel likes to avoid another 50-day war with Hamas which resulted in the death of 2251 Gazan – 80% of them civilians and children, delegitimizing Israel further. Recent UNHRC report has accused Israel of War Crimes.
  3. It would avoid Israelis in the South becoming ‘refugees’ inside Israel and save Jewish soldier lives. During 2014 war, over 700,000 Jews left the south to safe places far away from Gaza. Israel also lost 67 soldiers.
  4. A ceasefire would help Israel’s relations with regimes in Egypt, Turkey, UAE and Jordan as majority of people in those countries considers Jews as occupiers and believe that the so-called IS runing Israel’s proxy war in the region.
  5. It will isolate Hamas from Iran and Hizbullah – depriving Hamas $100 million annual aid from Iranian charities and training facilities in Lebanon and Syria.
  6. It will allow Israeli firms to exploit Gaza oil/gas reserves.

Hamas will benefit from the ceasefire, if not broken by the Zionist regime, as it did on several occasions in the past.

  1. Hamas would be allowed to import medicines, food, and construction material from Israel and Egypt.
  2. The European Union will divert some of its aid to Palestinian Authority to Hamas.
  3. The civilized world will declare Hamas Charter being kosher.

Finally listen the truth from a young Israeli Jewish girl.


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