Vienna Jews: Muslims hate us!

I may be in Vienna, but I feel like I’m in Israel,” says Omer Damari, Israeli striker, who plays for Austria Wien.

On August 28, 2015, the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) reported that Jewish community in Vienna has accused the city’s prosecutor’s office of ignoring Muslim hatred toward Jews by posting an anti-Israel caricature on Facebook during the International Al-Quds Day event in July 2015.

The caricature showed men wearing Palestinian, Arab, Turkish, and Afghan garbs pouring, allegedly, sewage water down the hole, at the bottom of which stands a Jew waving Israeli flag. See the caricature below.

Personally, I would have offended by the caricature if the object in the pit had resembled Holy Wailing Wall or Holy Auschwitz – but give me a break; the said caricature is just a Rabbi Elyahu look-alike Israeli terrorist.

Remember how the Zionist rats came out from every sewage pit around the world to defend ‘freedom of speech’ for the Rothschild-owned Charlie Hebdo to publish anti-Islamand Jewish Flemming Rose of Danish Cartoon fame.

In July 2011, these rats did not allow a member of their own tribe, professor Richard Falk, to use his ‘freedom of speech’ by posting a caricature which showed that Jews played a major role in the destruction of Africa’s most rich and liberal country, Libya.

Having said that, I would like to mention a little about Vienna’s place in Muslim history; the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1529 lead by Sultan Suleiman, The Magnificent. The Ottoman army failed to capture the city and had to withdraw. Those uncivilized Turks returned in 1683 and put siege on the city for the second time which also failed. However, this siege left an everlasting impact on Western food industry. In order to taunt the invading Turks, Vienna bakers started making bread shaped like Turk Crescent (Croissant).

The University of Vienna Jewish student leader, Ilja Sichrosky, is running a pro-Israel Muslim-Jewish Conference, which provides Muslim and Jewish students all-expense-paid joint-trips to various countries.

Der vom Club der Freunde Isreals zugespielte Screenshot


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