Israeli composer to perform in Tehran

In July, 2015, Ronald Lauder, president of World Jewish Congress accused Germany’s vice-Chancellor and economy minister Sigmar Gabriel of throwing Israel under bus over latter’s 3-day trip to Tehran to meet Iranian president Sheikh Rouhani.

Now, the most popular foreign leader in Israel, German Chancellor, Angela Markel, is set to visit Iran in October 2015, in a bid to secure German share in Iran’s $406 billion annual economy (add to that the possible release of Iranian money frozen in Western banks in stages, which Obama said is $100 billion and Netanyahu claims $160 billion). It seems she has planned her trip on a Hollywood-style.

Shimon Samuel, director Simon Wiesenthal Center, an Israeli lobby front, has blasted Angela Markel for her planned visit to Iran, reminding her that Iranian leaders have pledged to wipe Israel off the Map.

On Thursday, German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier declined Zionist entity’s cultural minister Miri Regev’s request to block Berlin State Opera performance in Tehran during Angela Markel’s first state visit to the country.

It’s a double slap on Israeli face as the Israeli-born Self-Hating Israel-Threatening (S.H.I.T) chief pianist, composer and conductor Daniel Barenboim, 72, will be leading the concert in Tehran. In addition to Israel, Barenboim also holds citizenship of Argentina, Spain and Palestine. He conducted Israel philharmonic orchestra performance in the West Bank but was not allowed to perform in Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime.

Since BBC’s (August 5, 2015) “moderate” Hassan Faredyoon Rouhani became Iran’s president, Tehran Symphony Orchestra (TSO), established in 1933, has re-established it links with its German counterpart. In July, the TSO even celebrated the nuclear deal by performing national anthem of Iran at Tehran’s Vahdat (Unity) Hall.

Vienna-born Nazanin Aghakhani is the first female conductor of TSO.

Barenboin is known for his criticism of Zionist regime’s racism against Palestinians and construction of new illegal Jewish settlements on land stolen from Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

In 1999, Daniel Barenboim and Palestinian-born US academic Dr. Edward Said (d. 2003) founded the West-Eastern Diwan Orchestra in German city of Weimar to introduce Arab and Israeli musicians to German music lovers.



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