American Jewish envoy to stop war in Syria!

The US State Department has announced that its new special envoy for Syria, Michael Ratney, will visit Moscow, Riyadh and Geneva later this week to find a solution to the four-year-old US-Israel proxy war on Iran in Syria.

Michael Ratney was born into an American Jewish immigrant family. He is president of New York-based Center for the Constitutional Rights (CCR), which like the Jewish ACLU fights for the rights of minorities like Blacks, LGBT and Latinos. Ratney claimed during an interview he gave to The Real News’ Paul Jay in March 2014 that as a youth, he was a blind supporter of Israel. But after visiting Israel and the West Bank several times, he came to the conclusion that Israeli leaders have parted way with the Zionist ideology as envisioned by Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion. However, he still supports Jewish occupation of pre-1967 Palestine, but also like to see Palestinians to have their Bantustan on the West Bank and Gaza.

Ratney, who served as US Consul General in Jerusalem from 2012 to 2015, is the third special envoy for Syria. His processor, Daniel Rubinsten, was a Jewish Arabist, Jewish Lobby agent. He is currently US ambassador to Tunisia. Rubinsten replaced Robert Stephen Ford, who quit his post as result of threats he received for meddling in country’s internal affairs. He is currently a senior fellow at Washington-based Middle East Institute, an Israeli advocacy group headed by David L. Mack, former US Jewish ambassador to UAE.

The very appointment of Ratney and the two capitals he is scheduled to visit prove once again that Washington wants nothing less than a pro-Israel regime change in Syria. The United States has never been an honest broker when it comes to Muslim nation-states. Riyadh is just like Tel Aviv and Cairo when it comes to Bashar al-Assad. During 2013-14, Riyadh gave $16 billion to Netanyahu regime to keep Washington pressure on Damascus.

Moscow is no friend of Syrian people. Its only interest is to salvage the anti-Islam ruling Ba’athist party which is its only surviving Arab ally since the end of the Cold War. As long as the Ba’athist controlled Syrian army is loyal to Assad, Moscow will support him.

If Barack Obama is serious in ending the bloodshed in Syria, he must do two things; force Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to stop funding and training ISIS/ISIL and other anti-Iran terrorist groups fighting proxy wars in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Sinai (Egypt); get Tehran involved in finding a political solution to Syrian foreign insurgency. Iran happens to have more leverage than any regional player to end this and other bloodsheds in the Middle East.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in an exclusive interview with the Lebanese TV Network, Al-Manar, on August 25, 2015 discussed the current situation in Syria and Syrian peoples’ enemies and friends.

President Assad said that the first step to defeat Israeli agenda in the region is to defeat the terrorists waging Israel’s proxy wars in the region. “What the terrorists have been perpetrating is far more dangerous than the Zionist enemy has been doing,” he said.

Assad called Turkish president Erdogan and his prime minister Davutoglo mere puppets of the West. He also blamed the Saudi ‘royals’ for financing the terrorists.

Assad claimed that defeating terrorists would have been much easier had they not been supported by western powers, Israel and the regional puppets.

Assad also blamed United Nations for being biased toward Syrian government and Syrian people.

Assad called Russia, Iran and Hizbullah ‘trustworthy’ allies.

Assad refuted western media claim that US-Iran nuclear agreement would have negative effects on Iranian support for Syria. He said the US tried to use Syria as a bargaining chip during P5+1 and Iran negotiations, but it was rejected by both Iran and Russia.

Assad emphasized that Syria-Iran coalition is 35 years old. He said that when Iran was victim of unjust war (8-year Iraqi invasion), Syria stood for Iran. Now, Syria is victim of unjust war, and Iran is standing for us.

Assad paid glowing tributes to Hizbullah secretary-general Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. “He is absolutely honest, transparent, principled, and loyal to his principles and his associates and friends to the extreme,” Assad said.


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