Russia interested in Iran’s Drone Technology

Iranian drone

While dragging its feet over the delivery of S-300 anti-missile system to Iran since 2007, now Russia has shown its interest to import Iran’s Drone technology.

On Wednesday, Manouchehr Manteqi, head of Iranian Aviation Industries Organization, while visiting Russian Aviation Exhibition MAKS 2015 near Moscow, said: “Islamic Republic is known as an advanced country in the field of building unmanned air-born vehicles (UAV). Russian counterparts showed their interests in the transfer of Iranian drone technology.”

In October 2013,  Brig-General Farzad Esmayeeli, Commander of Iran’s Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base, presented an Iranian-made model of American ScanEagle, to Lt. General Viktor Bondarev, Russian Air Force Commander.

In November 2014, Iran carried out test run of the American version of the RQ-170 drone with the capability of bombing and reconnaissance missions. One of the RQ-170, America’s top unmanned surveillance aircraft, was brought-down by Iranian military engineers by jamming its control while taking-off from US military base in Afghanistan in December 2011. Watch a video below.

Iran has already helped Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah and Venezuela to establish drone assembly shops using locally produced parts. According to Jewish media, Venezuela has a fleet of 26 drones which it could use against American Jewish population if Israel attacks Iran.

Another Jewish source claimed in 2013 that both Russia and Iran are helping Brazil to manufacture Kalashnikov rifles and surveillance drones.

On February 16, 2015, Robert Farley, in an article posted at Jewish news website, The National Interest, list world’s top five countries which manufacture and export Drones as; United States, Israel, China, Iran and Russia. He said that United States is the pioneer in this field, while Israel’s Drone technology is mostly based on the US research which it sold to China and Russia. He grudgingly, though, admitted that the US-EU sanctions failed to stop Iran’s progress in this field.

Pakistani civilians living along Pak-Afghan border are world’s top victims of America’s drone war. America is known for using drones in Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Philippines, Libya and Syria.

American Jewish scholar, Noam Chomsky has called Obama’s drone program as world’s greatest terrorism.


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