Hollywood Jewish Actress: Jews exploit Holocaust

Natalie Portman, 34, Israeli-born popular American Hollywood Jewish actress and filmmaker, has openly insulted Holocaust, the new Jewish religion. In a recent interview she gave to UK’s daily The Independent, she said that “Holocaust shouldn’t be used to evoke fear and paranoia, but rather it should make Jews empathetic to others who have experienced hatred.”

I must say, Portman is no mother of antisemite Norman Finkelstein, who said  that “Palestinians are going through their Holocaust right now.”

Austrian Rabbi Moshe Friedman, who denies the six million story, saying that Nazi didn’t kill more than one million Jews during WWII. He also said that what Israelis are doing to Palestinians could shame even the Nazis.

In an earlier interview Portman gave to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: “I’m very much against Netanyahu. Against. I am very, very upset and disappointed that he was re-elected. I find his racist comments horrific. However, I don’t – what I want to make sure is, I don’t want to use my platform. I feel like there’s some people who become prominent, and then it’s out in the foreign press. You know, shit on Israel. I do not. I don’t want to do that.”

Potman, who is currently filming, A Tale of Love and Darkness , based on Amos Oz’s novel in Israel, is being chased by Israeli and Zionist vultures living on Holocaust loot for proposing teaching of genocide of other people to new generations of Jews. The Zionist Mafia is rightfully mad because how could they allow Jewish sufferings which the public have been fed using every possible means including pornography with sufferings of Palestinian people at the hands of Jews tormented by Judeo-Christians in the past.

Michael Berenbaum, Zionist historian and author commented on Potman suggestion, saying: “She is an actress, not a philosopher, not a historian – actors are not the people who turn to for a nuanced understanding of the events of history. We have succeeded in transmitting the monumental nature of  the Holocaust, without transmitting how distinct an event it was.”

The Jewish B’nai B’rith International in a statement said: “An emphasis on the Holocaust in a Jewish education is extremely important as it’s tied to our identity. The focus doesn’t come at the expense of learning about other tragedies, such as those in Rwanda and Bosnia.”

The Zionist leaders never cared for the non-Zionist Jewish majority. In fact they were all atheists and mocked fellow Jews. After the establishment of the Zionist entity, Holocaust became a Cash Cow for Israel and Zionist leaders while the Organized Jewry used antisemitism label to silence criticism of the Zionist regime.


One response to “Hollywood Jewish Actress: Jews exploit Holocaust

  1. Daniel Margrain

    Zionism and antisemitism have fed off one another for many decades. As a result the latter has lost all potency it once had. The truth is, the former has been responsible for politically exploiting the Holocaust for its own nefarious ends and many of the early Zionists actually sympathized with Hitler and fascism in general because both had a common enemy. That common enemy was Jews.

    The problem, it seems to me, is that not enough Jews are prepared to put their heads above the parapet and unconditionally publicly condemn the state of Israel. Portman is one such person.

    These kinds of people have a privileged position in society and they should be using that stage to speak out against the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian’s and the occupation and illegal settlement of their land.

    In principle, there is no difference between the ideology of Nazism and the ideology of Zionism. So why don’t more of the people whose relatives have suffered terribly as a result of this ideology,come out in no uncertain terms and condemn the actions of the fascists in Israel undertaken in the name of the Jews and Judaism?

    I mean, we constantly hear calls from the media for Muslims to come out and openly criticise extremists in their ranks, but it seems the Jews get a free pass.

    Just how representative is Israel and Zionism of the Jews in general? Well, in the UK, 67%,of the Jewish diaspora proposed to vote for the Tories in the last election. This percentage is much higher when compared with the UK population as a whole.

    Is the reason, the Tory party has a higher amount of friends of Israel MPs within it’s ranks than the other parties?

    In Israel itself, a massive 91% of Israeli Jews supported last years Operation Protective Edge.

    Israel is now designated, officially, as the Jewish State. I’ll leave others to draw their own conclusions.

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