Poland’s Jewish Gravestone Museum

American taxpayers are known for their fondness in building and maintaining Museums in almost every large city in memories of European Jews killed by Judeo-Christian Nazis. But many people don’t know that sometime Americans have gone beyond call of Christians’ duty to serve the ‘Chosen People’ in order to receive the promised Salvation in the life after death.

American taxpayers have just completed a Jewish gravestone museum in Polish town of Serock, south of Warsaw. The town has no Jewish resident but according to country’s Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage (FPJH), once upon a time, the town had a Jewish population of 4100. The town, naturally, had a 120-year-old kosher cemetery which was destroyed by those evil Nazis.

This certainly would make many God-fearing Christians cry since they’re never told that Israeli Jews continue to build Holocaust Museums, courthouses, shopping malls and apartment complex over Muslim Cemeteries in Jerusalem and other Arab towns. Some of the gravestones prove the burials of the Prophet’s Companions and Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi’s soldiers who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusades in 1187 CE.

While the FPJH dished the faked gravestones like the Polish Gas Chambers Hoax, the funds for the housing of these gravestones were provided by the US Commission for Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. It was created by an act of Congress in 1979. Its founding-father was Brooklyn, NY, Rabbi Zvi Kestenbaum, who wanted to preserve Jewish cemeteries (not German victims of Jewish mobs, please), monuments and holy places, destroyed or damaged during World War II in Soviet Union and Europe.

We all know how American lawmakers become very passionate when it comes to Jewish or Israeli interests. The Congress decided to fulfill rabbi’s dream based on the logic that since the United States is a country of European immigrants – it’s obliged to help Jews of those countries to preserve their heritage. The chairman of the Commission and its 21 ‘commissioners’ are appointed by the President of the United States of America. The current chairperson is Lesley Weiss. According to Jewish Heritage Europe official website, Most of its focuss has been on Jewish heritage sites.

Last week, Washington’s ambassador in Warsaw, Stephen Mull, was the chief guest at the dedication ceremony of the Gravestone Museum. “One of our most sacred duties is to keep the memories of crimes committed by the Nazis during WW II. So it could never happen against,” said Mull. However, the passionate envoy didn’t explained whether those Jews in the graves were victims of Nazis or died of natural causes ahead of Nazis’ occupation of Poland.

In April 2015, Stephen Mull apologized to Polish nation for FBI director James Comey’s statement at Jewish Washington Post article, accusing Warsaw of complicity with the Nazis in the ethnic-cleansing of Polish Jews. I wonder if James Comey knows that Pope John Paul’s mother was a Polish Jew who was saved by his grandparents from Nazis.

Stephen Mull, considered to be a top Zionist expert on US-Iran conflict at the US State Department, has been nominated as the “lead coordinator for implementing the Iran nuclear deal” by Barack Obama. Watch out Ayatullah Khamenei.


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