Russia drags its feet over S-300 delivery to Iran

Russian-S-300-600x400[1]Russia signed a deal with the Islamic Republic to deliver its S-300 surface-to-air-defense system to Iran in 2007. Iran paid in full for the deal. In 2010, Russia banned the delivery of S-300 after Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow where he met then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, a Jewish poodle, and took the credit for the ban.

In 2011, Tehran took Moscow to international arbitrary court over non-delivery of S-300. Moscow, reportedly returned a part of money ($160 million) to Tehran.

In April, 13, 2015, Russian president Vladimir Putin, born to a Jewish mother, signed a decree paving the way to long standing S-300 delivery to Iran.

In June, Vladimir Kozhin, Putin’s military and technical adviser said that S-300 would be delivered to Tehran possibly in 2016 after it’s ‘modernization’ is completed – even though there was no such clause in the original contract.

On May 25, Iran’s deputy foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian announced that talks between Tehran and Moscow on the delivery are progressing – and Iran could receive S-300 as soon as possible.

In May, 2015, the Jewish news commentary website, The American Interest in an editorial claimed that the delivery of S-300 is mainly delayed because with S-300 in Iranian hands, it will be very difficult for Israel if it decided to carry airstrikes on Iranian military targets in the future.

A big wave of emigration after the fall of USSR created a large Russian (Jewish) immigrant community in Israel, and Putin believes that one of the big mistakes of the Soviet Union was to abandon its original friendship with the country,” editorial said.

In the meantime, American taxpayers have denoted $800 million for Israel’s Dumb Dome, which only destroyed 20% of Hamas rockets last year.

Some readers may not know that the first president of the Zionist entity, Dr. Chaim Azriel Weizmann (1949-52) was a Russian Jew. So is the former Israeli foreign minister, Avigdore Lieberman. At the peak, the Russian Jewish community in Israel hit one million mark but due to religious racism against Russian Jews, many started to emigrate to western countries. After Putin’s recent visit to Israel, according to The Toronto Star, nearly 100,000 Russian Jews in Israel have returned to Mother Russia.

As I wrote in August 2011 (here) that Tehran shouldn’t put too much trust in Russia or China because both countries still occupy Muslim lands.

On August 17, 2015, The Saker reported that Russian decision to ban delivery of S-300 to Iran was its unilateral decision, and had nothing to do with the UNSC resolution against transfer of technology to Iran.

Finally, I will note that S-300 are getting old and both the US and Israel have gotten their hands on these systems which have no secrets for them. Russia should either sell Iran upgrade S-300s or jump the gap and sell S-400. Not only that would make military sense, but it would be a very welcome gesture of apology from Russia to Iran – a tangible sign that a new era of cooperation has begun,” said Saker.


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