Pakistan-India talks cancelled over Indian conditions

The fate of Kashmir will ultimately be decided by the people. We have given that pledge and Maharaja Hari Singh had supported it. It’s not only a pledge to the people of Kashmir but to the world. We will not, and cannot back out of it,” India’s first prime minister, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, lied during a speech at Lal Chowk (New Delhi) on November 2, 1947.

On Saturday, Pakistan announced that it will not attend India’s proposed National Security Advisers level (NSAs-level) talks in New Delhi on August 23-24 unless the disputed Jammu and Kashmir conflict is put on the agenda.

The scheduled NSA-level talks cannot be held on the basis of pre-conditions set by India. A meeting held under conditions set by India would not serve the purpose of reducing tension and restoring trust as a first step toward normalization,” said the statement issued by Pakistan’s foreign office.

An embarrassed Indian foreign ministry called Pakistan’s decision “unfortunate” and tried to whitewash its guilt to discuss the conflict which has triggered three major wars between the two neighboring nations in the past.

India called for discussion over the so-called “Pakistan-sponsored terrorism” in India, but refused to discuss India’s official terrorism in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir Valley since 1948.

Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s national security adviser, Sartaj Aziz, told his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval that Indian intelligence agency RAW with the help of other foreign intelligence agencies (CIA, Mossad and MI6) have involve in terrorist activities in Pakistan. The latest one was the Army-run Peshawar school massacre which ended death of 137 children and staff members.

Indian RAW has a long history of carrying out false flag operations with the help of Hindutva organizations including Modi’s ruling BJP, such as, 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, 2010 bombing of German Bakery and many more.

The Hindu occupation of Jammu and Kashmir is the oldest conflict on the UNSC – dating back to October 1947. It’s even older than the Jewish occupation of Palestine – but not much known to the world because it doesn’t involve Jewish lives.

India has deployed nearly 40% of its total army in Jammu and Kashmir Valley to control the Muslim majority (65%) in the Indian part of Jammu and Kashmir Valley and the LoC along the liberated part of Kashmir Valley (Azad Kashmir), an autonomous state within Pakistan. The Indian army has been accused of killing more than 100,000 men, women and children while rapping over 20,000 Muslim girls and women by the Amnesty International, US-based Human Rights Watch and Pakistan-India Human rights groups.

The Jammu and Kashmir Valley was ruled by Muslims for over three centuries until it was sold to a Hindu Dogra warlord Gulab Singh by the British colonial rulers in 1846. It is one of the three princely states annexed by India through military aggression within first four months of its independence from the British Raj on August 15, 1947. The other two were Hyderabad and Junagadh.


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