UK’s female artist: ‘Up Yours!’ Zionists!

img_0454[1]British solo acoustic artist of Autumn’s Here, Alison Chabloz, after refusing to be intimidated by ‘Israeli hound squad’ for over year, is now being accused of sending pictures of her performing the famous anti-establishment quenelle gesture and sending it to her Jewish accusers.

The gesture, which French Jewish Lobby CRIF insists to be a ‘Nazi Salute’ to demonize the Jewish people by reminding them their sufferings as Holocaust victims, was invented by popular French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala. The Organized Jewry’s moronic reaction has made the quenelle popular from Paris to Mumbai.

French prime minister, Manuel Valls, whose wife is Jewish, also claimed quenelle to be a Hate Crime. In January 2015, responding to Netanyahu’s call for French Jews to immigrate to Israel, Valls claimed that there will be no France without Jews.

On August 17, 2016, Alison Chabloz answered these idiotic accusations against her on her personal blog.

Ms Chabloz says that the Zionist clowns who are criticizing her freedom of speech were the same people who last January were supporting French magazine, Charlie Hebdo’s rights to insult Islam and Muslims under the cover of the so-called ‘Freedom of Speech’. She said: “It would seem that they’re only in favor of free speech when it’s a speech they agree with.”

As clearly stated in my Quenelle tweet, the gesture is aimed at this group of people: Internet trolls who hide behind a mask of anonymity in order to smear and bully. For the moment, there have been no live protests at the venue I’m playing. It seems my abusers prefer to air their grievances from the cosy comfort of their armchairs. My Quenelle is a massive “Up yours!” aimed at these living examples of double standards and outright idiocy,” she wrote.

Responding to quenelle accusations, she said that even CIRF president Roger Cukierman is on record saying that the gesture is against the French Establishment, which happens to be controlled by Jewish oligarchs, than the French Jews.

She also said that no one denies that European Jews along with Christians and other minorities suffered under Nazi rule – but there is no solid proof that Nazi did kill six million Jews and there were gas chambers at Auschwitz labor camps. In fact several rabbis and Jewish and Christian writers have claimed that Jews themselves were involved in the Holocaust (here, here and here).

Concluding her defense, Chabloz thanked Israeli stooge, Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief London-based anti-Muslim Breibart news website – and “the desperate souls who wish to see me clamped in irons and sent to solitary simply for expressing an opinion. As the old saying goes : all publicity is good, and it’s time more people started standing up to Zionist bullies.”


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