ADL: 90% of Greeks hate Jews!

Jewish lobby Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith polled 10,000 Greeks this June and was shocked to learn that even having very close relations with Israel and carrying anti-Turk feelings – 90% of Greeks continue to hold anti-Semitic views that “Jews hold too much power in the business world” – and 85% agreed with the statement; “Jews have too much power in international finance market.” In addition 70% said that “Jews still talk too much what happened to them in the Holocaust“, and 51% said “Jews don’t care about what happened to anyone but their own kind.”

However, ADL didn’t forget to demonize two of his regional adversaries, the Islamic Republic and Turkey. ADL poll put Iran with largest Jewish population in the region outside Israel, in the second place – and Turkey, with a population of over a million Jews and Crypto Jews in the third place for hating Jews.

The leftist Syriza is no friend of Palestinians. In fact it has common bond with the Zionist entity – that’s hatred of Muslims and Islam. On July 19, it signed a “status of forces” accord with Israel, which “offers legal defense to both militaries while training in the other’s country.” In other words, Greece agrees to train and supply arms to Israel Occupation Force (IOF) to continue its occupation of West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Last year, David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Congress in a interview with Greek newspaper, Kathemerini, said that the relations between Israel and Greece are excellent. He also said that the US, Greece, Israel and Cyprus are cooperating in gas exploration of in the area. He urged Jews to make Greece as their tourist destination.

The only other country which has signed such accord with Israel is its ‘Godfather’, United States.

Greece socialist prime minister Alex Tsipras resigned on Friday after several members of his Syriza ruling party deserted him over his kneeling to international bankers’ demands.

On July 19, David P. Goldman explained at Asia Times why most Greeks hate Jews; 1) They believe in the conspiracy theory that 1.5 million Armenian Christians were murdered by Jews posing as Muslim Young Turks, and 2) Greek complicity in deportation of 47,000 Jews from the northern city of Salonika in 1943, who ended up in gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Goldman also claimed that Greeks hate the Jews for the same reason they hated Socrates, only more so. I don’t care whether Socrates was Jewish or Christian – but it seems he hated both. He is also quoted as saying: “Socrates, a Jew against Greek civilization.”

On March 29, 2013, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of SWC wrote at The Times of Israel: “At the start of Greece’s economic meltdown around 2009, Greek Jews already thought their country was in a bad way politically when the extreme right-wing Popular Orthodox Party (LAOS) came out of virtually nowhere to win seven percent of the national vote. Back in 2001, LAOS leader and MP Georgios Karatzaferis had raised the question of Jewish complicity in the 9/11 attacks in Parliament, stating that “the Jews have no right to provoke, because they have filled the world with crimes.”

Turk Muslims who ruled Greece for nearly 350 years, are the most discriminated minority in Greece. There are over a million Muslims in Greece who are not allowed to build a single proper mosque in the country. Greek mothers still frighten naughty children by telling them: “Turks are coming…Turks are coming….

Contrary to that Athens has two functioning synagogues and even a Holocaust Museum too. Jewish classic books even claim that Aristotle was Jewish.


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