UK to reopen its embassy in Tehran this weekend

mideast_iran_britai_850906f[1]Philip Hammond, UK’s foreign secretary will reopen the embassy in Tehran this weekend, UK’s newspaper The Guardian reported on August 20. Hammond’s visit is the first since Jack Straw made his fifth trip to Tehran 12 years ago.

Last year, Jack Straw took a parliamentary delegation to Iran after the victory of Sheikh Hassan Rouhani.

On January 18, 2014, Jack Straw in an Op-Ed at The Independent said: “I went straight from Tehran (late September 2001 just after 9/11) to Israel. The Israelis concocted a diplomatic row over my using the noun “Palestine” rather than adjective “Palestinians” in an article for the Iranian press. A banquet for me was cancelled and my meeting with then prime minister Gen. Ariel Sharon was delayed until the small hours. Behind this grammatical nonsense there was a much bigger issue – as there still is – whether Israel wanted an end to the isolation of Iran, or it suited them for Iran to be damned as a “pariah state” for all times.”

Further attempts to isolate Iran would be more dangerous for the world and especially for Israel. I think even Mr. Sharon would have understood that. Will Mr. Netanyahu?,” concluded Jack straw.

In 1995, Jack Straw was quoted as saying: “I come from a Jewish stock, although I’m Christian now.”

In 2006, Jack Straw was fired by then prime minister,Tony Blair, a war criminal, under pressure from Bush administration for making a statement that it would be nut to bomb Iran.

UK-Iran diplomatic relations were cut-off on November 30, 2011, as result of UK ambassador Sir Simon Gass’ (Jewish) meddling during Ahmadinejad’s 2009 re-election and London’s sanctions against Iran’s central bank for funding Iran’s civilian nuclear program. Currently, Gass is the leader of British negotiating team in Vienna.

On November 27, 2011, the Iranian Majlis (parliament) passed a resolution demanding Ahmadinejad government to downgrade diplomatic ties with United Kingdom. Two days after the resolution hundreds of students protested in front of the British Embassy in Tehran and pulled down Union Jack (see photo above).

Next day, London closed its embassy and ordered Iranian staff to leave London immediately.

UK has been involved in Israeli covert operations against the Islamic Republic. In 2007, an Iranian naval petrol captured a British vessel carrying 15 Marines and sailors inside Iranian international waters. However, as humanitarian gesture, then Iranian president Ahmadinejad issued orders for their release of the prisoners.

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