The Real Troublemaker in the Middle East

zionist+free+speech+police[1]American circus over US-Iran nuclear agreement is becoming amusing every day. Every joker who wants to win GOP or Democrat nomination for the country’s next president is claiming that a nuclear agreement with Iran would pose an ‘existential’ threat to Israel. Some have promised Jewish-purse holders that their first act as president would be to throw Obama-Rouhani agreement in garbage bin. These Israeli AZZ-lickers don’t want to accept that the UNSC has already declared the P5+1 and Iran deal kosher, making it obligatory for all the seven signatories to abide by it under international law.

Interestingly, Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, the Jewish founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream are much wiser than these presidential hopefuls. Jewish news website, Breitbart, reported on August 19, 2015 that the couple has come out in support of Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

This proves without any doubt that the next president will use all his ‘constitutional power’ and beyond to protect Israeli interests in the region, including covering Israel’s terrorist activities on American soil and in the Middle East, and proxy wars run by ISIS/ISIL and other jihadi groups on behalf of the Zionist regime.

The AIPAC has already put the wheel in motion by blaming US-Israel’s current regional banker, Saudi Arabia, for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which killed 2,840 people but no Jew. The claimed is based on Bushes’ ties with Saudi prince Bander and the so-called 19 hijackers; seven of whom were later found alive in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Morocco.

Saudi Arabia is no democracy or free press or haven for women – but it couldn’t be worse than Israel. The Zionist entity is not a democracy by any standard. Israeli government and army has the power to control the local and pro-Israel US press under gag order. Jewish women in Israel are discriminated not at one place but eight places.

Saudi Arabia has always been a ‘Cash Cow’ for the US, UK and France. It has pumped more than $300 billion into Western arms industry. On the contrary, Israel has sucked over $3 trillion from US taxpayers. The ‘US needs Saudi oil’ claim doesn’t stand on two-legs as the US imports less than 6% of its oil needs from Saudi Arabia. Canada has become the top exporter of oil to the US followed by Mexico and Venezuela.

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