Israel’s ex-top spy: West Bank is a Jewish terrorist state

On Friday, the former head of Israel’s Gestapo, also known as Shin Bet, Yuval Diskin, admitted that the Jewish settler in the West Bank has already created a Jewish terrorist state in the West Bank alongside Israel. He said that he had come to the conclusion after great soul searching.

Judea (Jewish name for the West Bank) is a nation of Jewish law, of terror, of hatred against the others, or racism. Today, even the rabbis who gave birth to these delusional ideologies have become too moderate and soft in the eyes of some of their flock,” Diskin wrote on his Facebook page.

In the state of Judea (West Bank) there are different standards, different value systems, different approaches to democracy, and there are two legal systems. One that judges Jews (Israeli law) and that judges Palestinians (Martial-law). In Judea, law enforcement against Jews is disturbingly weak,” he added.

He posted the statement after a group of Jewish terrorists torched a Palestinian home. As the result, a 18-month-old toddler was burned to death and his father later died in hospital as result of burns.

A day earlier, a self-hating Jew stabbed a gay person in Jerusalem gay parade.

Former member of Jewish terrorist militia Irgun – turned Israeli MK, journalist and peace activist, Uri Avnery has also called such settlers acts Jewish terrorism.

A great majority of Israel’s political, military leaders and journalists are non-practicing Jews, therefore, they use religious Jews as scapegoats to whitewash their own current and past terrorism. Anyone, who has read the history of state of Israel from an object source, would know that it was also created by Jewish terrorism after the WWII.

Netanyahu’s political career is also a product of Jewish terrorism. Two of Netanyahu’s major financiers are Daniella Weiss, founder of Jewish settlers organization Nahala, and US casino Mughal Sheldon Adelson, owner of two Israeli newspaper; one the Israel Hayom is edited by Amos Regev, a convicted terrorist who blew-up three buses.

Diskin also took part in Israeli film-maker Dror Moreh’s 2012 movie, The Gatekeepers. In the movie he warned Netanyahu that Israel cannot defeat Iran without America’s active military support.

Diskin who retired from Israel’s internal security agency in 2011, is planning to launch a new political party. He is very critical of Netanyahu’s policy towards Palestinian and Iran. He supports the so-called “two states”; one for Jews, on 78% of the historic Palestinian land, and the other for Native Palestinians on the remaining 22% of Palestinian land.

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