Spielberg to immortalize Obama

Hollywood director and founder of Shoah (Holocaust) Foundation, Steven Spielberg, is reported (by UK’s Jewish Chronicle, August 17, 2015) to be working on a film about president Barack Obama’s legacy (Holocaust and Israel most probably). Watch a video below.

On May 7, 2014, Spielberg bestowed upon Barack Obama Ambassador for Humanity award at Shoah Foundation gala dinner held in Los Angeles. I guess, as a Zionist Jew, Spielberg think the Obama’s wars around the world which have killed millions of civilians, most Muslims, were done in the service of humanity.

Spielberg who has directed-produced more movies on Zionist narrative of Holocaust and whitewashing Jewish crimes, than any other Hollywood oligarch.

Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, a French Jewish historian, has called Spielberg, Holohoaxer.

In 2012, Spielberg directed movie Lincoln, based on Jewish version of African slavery and Civil War – without mentioning crimes committed by Jews against Africans as slave traders and mass murder committed by Crypto-Jews like Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.

According to the Jew York Times, Barack Obama met Spielberg during the screening of movie Lincoln in 2012 – and praised Spielberg’s “technology to tell stories.”

Barack Obama, since becoming first Black US president, has never missed the so-called Holocaust Remembrance Day. On April 16, 2015, Obama marked the day by saying: “Today, with heavy hearts, we remembers the six million Jews and millions of other victims of Nazi brutality who were murdered during the Holocaust. The world must remember the words ‘Never Forget’ and ‘Never Again’.”

I suppose Obama really needs to visit Auschwitz Holocaust Museum in Poland to re-educate himself. The ‘Holy Figure’ of 4 million until 1989 – has now been lowered to 2.5 million.


In September 2012, while addressing the UN General Assembly meeting in New York, Obama even compared Jewish Holocaust with Christianity and Islam.

Talking about Hollywood immortalizing world leaders, the controversial Hollywood film director Oliver Stone, in 2007, sought permission from then Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about making a movie on his legacy, which Ahmadinejad rejected politely.

In February 2012, Oliver Stone’s son Sean Oliver, also a film director, refuted Bill O’Reilly’s Zionist lies about Iran and Islam. He told the Israel-Firster that Ahmadinejad never denied Holocaust. Ahmadinejad’s denial of Holocaust is misunderstood in the West. He didn’t mean that Holocaust never happened, he meant that it’s irrelevant to the present day politics when Israel is committing Holocaust against Palestinians and using it a tool to silence its critics, according to Sean Stone.

Sean Stone who has converted to Islam, in an interview with RT blasted Zionist lies about Islam, Iran and Hizbullah. Listen to the interview below.


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