India woos its 85,000 Jews in Israel

zionism[1]As gesture of ‘brotherly bonds’, India’s anti-Muslim ruling BJP government of Narendra Modi plans to refurbish all historic Jewish places including synagogues to attract Eastern Jews who had left India after the creation of state of Israel in Muslim majority Palestine in 1948.

On Thursday, India’s ambassador to the Zionist entity, Jaideep Sarkar, addressing the 3rd National Convention of Indian Jews in Israel, held in Ramla, Palestinian town cleared of entire Muslim population by Jewish terrorists in 1948, appealed to 3500 Jews  (Cochin, Bene Israel and Baghdadi) in attendance to make yatra (aliya) to their ancestral homeland.

Jews like other non-Muslim minorities under the 200-year-long occupation of Indian sub-continent received preferential treatment. However, after the emergence of a Hindu-majority India, nearly 85,000 local Jews mostly living in Mumbai, Kerala, Gujarat and New Delhi left India fearing Hindu religious intolerance and racism.

Like Hollywood, India’s film industry under British colonial rule also attracted a numbers of Jewish beauties.

India’s world renowned author and human right activist, Arundhati Roy has called rise of Narendra Modi and his Hindu extremist party democratic fascism.

According to Indian sources, an average of 40,000 Israelis, mostly military trainees, visit India especially Goa each year. Ordinary Indians hate these Israeli tourists for their rudeness, racism, nudity, dugs paddling, prostitution and leaving places filthy where they stay including beaches. It’s a common view of Israeli tourist around the world.

As an active member of Jewish community in Chile, a small minority making up only 0.1% of our country’s population, far too often I have had to step up and defend you, Israeli tourists, as well as other Jews visiting here. I have been part of different Jewish groups and organizations all whom have seen their members waste energy, time and money trying to “clean-up Israel’s” image. I’m tired and disgusted by Israeli Jews behavior in foreign countries,” Michelle Hites wrote at Israel newspaper Ha’aretz on March 31, 2014.

Following are some of Jewish historic places in India, which the Jewish Magazine recommends to Israeli tourists.

  1. Emperor Humayun, the second king of Mughal dynasty, who is buried inside a beautiful mausoleum in New Delhi – can pray inside a tiny synagogue next door.
  2. Sarmad who is buried at the entrance of Delhi’s grand Jami Mosque, was a Jewish philosopher from Armenia. He arrived in the 1630s and joined Emperor Shah Jahan’s royal court. He converted to Islam and translated Torah into Persian (official) language. During Emperor Aurangzeb rule, Sarmad converted to Hinduism and later to Atheism and started coming naked in the royal court. Aurangzeb ordered his execution.
  3. Modi’s Gujarat state is linked to Jewish Holocaust too. In the early days of WWII, a ship carrying 1500 Polish Jews was refused to anchor at British shores. A wealthy Baghdadi Jew appealed to Maharaja of Jamnagar for help, who accepted the 1500 Jews as his subjects.
  4. Mumbai city is home to eight synagogues. Two oldest ones, Magen David and Kenesseth Eliyahoo, were built by wealthy Baghdadi Jew, David Sassoon, known as the greatest Drugs Kingpin in the history of the world.
  5. The Magen David synagogue which is located inside Muslim neighborhood, has always protected by Muslim youth during Hindu-Muslim riots.
  6. There is grave of a Jewish saint in Kochin (Kerala). Hindus, Muslims and Christians come from all over India to receive his blessing.
  7. Mumbai Chabad House is a favorite spot for Israeli tourists. During Mumbai’s 26/11, the terrorists used Chabad House as ‘guest and operational room’.


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