Indonesia: Canadian pedophile teacher freed

indonesiaflag[2]Neil Bantleman, 45, from Burlington, Ontario, was set free on Friday after a Jakarta court overturned an earlier conviction. He holds British and Canadian dual citizenship. Watch video below.

Neil Bantleman (Jewish) and his Indonesian teaching assistant, Ferdinant Tjioing (Christian) at the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) were arrested in July 2014 on charges of sexually abusing three boys during 2013-14 when the institution for expatriate students was called Jakarta International School (JIS).

Last year, a panel of three judges presided by a female judge, Nur Islam, pronounced Bantleman guilty of sexually abusing minor students and ordered him to serve 10 years in jail and pay a fine of nearly $10,000 under Indonesia’s Child Protection Law, which provides a maximum penalty of 15 year imprisonment. One of the judges voted for the maximum penalty. The prosecuting attorney had suggested 12 year jail.

The defendant did not express regret for his deeds, nor he apologize for what he did, which psychologically damaged underage children,” she said.

The child abuse scandal rocked Jakarta’s expatriate community in April, 2014, when parents of three kindergartner at JIS came forward with allegations of sexually abuse by school teaching staff. The school management admitted of hiring suspected serial pedophile as teacher.

The sentence outraged the Canadian Jewish lobby. Bantleman’s family with the help of Canadian embassy in Jakarta filed an appeal and got the man free while his Indonesian collaborator left in jail.

Canadian justice is more compassionate when the accused is involved in pedophile or pornography is member of the Tribe, considering his relative had already paid the price during WWII . For example, in May 2015, Ontario Judge Heather McArther sentenced professor Benjamin Levin (University of Toronto) to only three-year in prison for marketing child pornography (here).

According to JIS website, its 872 students, consist of; American (20%), South Korean (17%), Indonesian (16%) – and the rest comes from 45 foreign countries including Canada, United Kingdom, India, Philippines and Australia.

The Aangirfan blog had coverage this story on November 1, 2014 (here) exposing Bantleman’s possible link with CIA and paedophilia ring.

Indonesia with world’s largest Muslim population (88% of 252 million), was a Dutch colony. It got independence on August 17, 1945. Since then the country has been ruled by anti-Islam Muslim-Christian military dictators and politicians (here).

Israeli Mossad has long infiltrated in Indonesian army and security agencies (here). Bombing of Bali resort was Israeli Mossad false flag operation to demonize Muslims.

Barack Obama spent a few years of his childhood in Indonesia. For Indonesian Christian, Barack Obama is sort of national hero. They’ve even erected his statue in Jakarta.


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