America’s ‘War on Drugs’ is ‘War on Blacks’

Just like the so-called ‘War on Terrorism’ is in fact a War on Muslims for Israel – the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ is a Zionist Crusade against America’s Blacks, incarcerating millions of them to prevent renewal of struggle for freedom as happened in the 1960s – which was inspired by Malcolm X and Rev. Martin Luther King.

The so-called ‘War on Drugs’ was declared in 1982 by the Hollywood actor turned US president Ronald Wilson Reagan, an Israeli puppet. Speaking to the nation in his weekly radio address, Reagan promised a ‘planned, concerted campaign’ against all drugs; hard, soft or otherwise. He described his campaign as a ‘military operation’ against Afro-American and Latino communities who are wrongfully projected as the biggest drugs suppliers and consumers by country’s Jewish-controlled news and TV media.

The Jewish Lobby, like the Holocaust denier stick, has also applied drugs trade to beat Israel’s enemies like Iran, Pakistan, Hizbullah, etc. Historically, it’s the Jews who has always played the leading role in drugs industry. In 1998 the CIA admitted its involvement in drugs trafficking in the United States after years of federal investigation by the Kerry Congressional Committee.

Since then, no matter who occupied the White House, the ‘War on Drugs’ was used to invade several foreign lands in Asia, Africa and South America. However, after three decade, the America’s War on Drugs has failed to control the sale and consumption of most of hard and soft drugs in the US even after spending hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money.

According to the 2014 report by the US-based National Institute on Drugs Abuse, America has less than 5% of world population but Americans consume 75% of world’s drugs.

According to a rough estimate, it cost US taxpayers’ $30,000 a year to feed and house a drug inmate. It’s more than 46 million Americans earns per year. The poverty level for a family with four children is $24,000 per year in  the US.

Now, several US politicians, social workers, anti-drugs activist and even the Blackman in the White House have raised their voices against this phony ‘War on Drugs’. However, Daniel Robelo, claimed on August 12, 2015, that ending the Drug War won’t end mass incarnation because it’s based on pure racism.

The election of the first Black Obama to become America’s president has nothing to do with racial equality, as the US media likes the world to believe. Obama, like the rest of White House occupants, protects the interests of country’s 1% fat-cats, mostly Jewish. The racism against Blacks, Latinos and Muslims in particular is well and alive under Obama surrounded by pro-Israel staff and politicians.


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