The ‘Axis of Resistance’ and the US-Israel terrorism in ME

AhmadinejadAssadSayyedNasrallah[2]It was former president George Bush’s Jewish speechwriter turned Atlantic magazine senior editor David Frum who took credit for coining the term, Axis of Evil for Israel’s enemies like Iran, N. Korea, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas in 2002.

Thirteen years after, it’s the Iran-led Axis of Resistance (Iran, Syria and Hizbullah) which is fighting the US-Israel created terrorist proxies in the Middle East. In fact, now the Resistance Bloc has been joined by Iraq and Yemen since the US-proxy regimes have been kicked out of those countries.

The Jewish-controlled western media has been painting the Axis of Resistance as anti-America and anti-West alliance. However, in reality, the alliance materialized to fight against regional dominance of Israel and its poodles in Washington, London, Paris and Berlin. Syria though governed by anti-religion Ba’athist party, carries great strategic importance to the Islamic Republic in order to provide military aid to regional Islamic groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah fighting the Zionist entity’s expansionism to fulfill its Eretz Yisrael dream.

For the Islamic Republic, the alliance has become a deterrant against the US-Israel-NATO-Saudi Arabia agenda to destroy the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Catherine Shakdam’s article, entitled, The Axis of Resistance – How Iran is leading the fight is worth reading to understand who are the ones behind the current bloodshed in the Middle East and for whom.

While many world nations remain under the impression that Washington and its regional allies in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia in the lead, are indeed conducting just wars in the region, fighting and opposing the rise of Wahhabi radicalism, it is really East they should be looking, as it is Iran which has risen a barrier and a bulwark against the cancer of this black plague. No power in the region has been more intent on breaking terror’s back than the Islamic Republic – so much so that Tehran has already committed its men and weapons in Iraq, offering Baghdad its unconditional support in its most dire hour of need. If not for Iran’s intervention and if not for Iran’s military impetus against ISIS, it is likely the Iraqi capital and more Iraqi provinces with it would have fallen under ISIS’ dominion,” says Shakdam.

And while western powers continue to spew their poisoned propaganda against Iran, arguing that Shia Islam stands a threat to world stability, let us remember which alliances they have chosen over Iran: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, the Wahhabi-radical trinity! And if in truth Iran does present a threat to neo-imperialism it is because its stands inherently opposed to any form of political and religious diktat. Let us remember that Iran’s republic was born in rejection of tyranny. To reclaim their freedom Iranians had to pay the ultimate price, rising a resistance against western hegemonic ambitions. Iran’s message and policy ever since have been in support of political self-determination, not subjugation,” adds Shakdam.


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