Jimmy Carter: Netanyahu is the Problem

Former US president Jimmy Carter just before the operation which revealed he had cancer, gave an interview to British Prospect magazine. During the talk, Carter repeated what he said three years ago that there will never be a Palestinian state as long as Netanyahu heads the Zionist regime.

Jimmy Carter, the one-term Peanut President (1977-81), in his just released 29th book, A Full Life: Reflection at 90, has narrow-down his criticism of the Zionist entity, as compared to his 2006 book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, to the third-term prime minister of the Zionist entity, Benjamin Netanyahu, whom Israeli professor Neve Gordon called Spook, Terrorist or Criminal.

Jimmy Carter, who didn’t go to Gaza during his April 2015 visit to Israel and the West Bank, told Bronwen Maddox, chief executive editor of the Prospective magazine that he did not bother to meet Netanyahu during the visit because he considered it a “waste of time”.

The Netanyahu government decided early on to adopt a one-state solution,” he said.

Anyone who studied Zionist entity’s history from some objective source, knows that was the policy of every Zionist regime since 1967. Netanyahu had declared a day prior to his Likud victory in the recent election that he would never allow a Palestinian state.

On the US-Iran nuclear deal, Jimmy Carter said that he is not worried much about it. Because Israel already has 150-200 nuclear bombs and Obama administration has already warned Tehran that if it tried to “go nuclear” – Washington would put the “military option on the table”. However, he fears that if Iran go nuclear, Saudi Arabia may follow Iranian lead. Strangely, Maddox did not ask Carter why Saudi Arabia did not “go nuclear” after Israel built its first nuclear bomb 50 year ago?

I know, the Organized Jewry is going to honor him with the ‘Jew Hater Award’, but the truth is – Jimmy Carter was the best pro-Israel politician ever lived in the White House. He was the one who destroyed a unified Arab stand against Jewish occupation of Palestine by implementing a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt and paved the way for US military aid to Israel, which is expected to jump from the current $3.1 billion per year to $4.5 billion per year in 2016.

Bronwen Maddox has paid great tribute to Jimmy Carter by calling him “a moral person”. Before going further, l like to say a few words about the Prospective magazine. It’s publisher, David Hanger, is Jewish and former publisher of Economist. Ms Bronwen Maddox, daughter of Sir John Maddox (d. 2009), a British scientist and former editor of Nature, a weekly Journal published in Britain by British scientist Norman Lockyer (Jewish) in 1869.

In case some readers may not know, while Jimmy Carter sent a suicidal rescue mission aka Operation Eagle Claw to kidnap 52 American spies held prisoners by Iranian students in Tehran’s US Embassy – Ronald Reagan’s election team sent a secret message to Tehran to let students maintain the hostage crisis. It promised that if elected, Reagan will release the shipment of arms purchased and paid for by the previous regime of Reza Shah Pahlavi, who died in Cairo in exile on July 27, 1980. One of his sons, married Egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s daughter.

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