Islamic Resistance to Imperialism

22[1]The Western interpretation of Islamic Jihad as aggression against non-Muslim nations or communities, is totally out of context and based on Judeo-Christian racism and religious bigotry. No doubt, in the past, some Muslim rulers and organizations serving foreign powers’ interests did invoke the term to serve their political agenda – but the savagery involved was minor as compared to the western Crusades, colonial wars, African slavery, WWI and WWII, and the on-going western War on Terrorism, which in reality is War on Islam.

A recent report by Washington-based Physicians for Social Responsibility has claimed that the West’s phony War on Terror has killed more than 1.3 million Muslims since the 9/11 – an Israeli false flag operation.

In reality, Islamic Jihad has always meant to be a resistance against religious persecution, imperialism and colonization. This tradition is still being carried out by some Muslim organizations in Lebanon, Gaza, Kashmir, Philippine, Chechnya, China, Somalia, and some other places which have never made to the Jewish-controlled mainstream media.

Albert Memmi, a French Jewish author in book, The Colonizers and the Colonized, explains that the western colonists had to demonize Muslims whose lands they stole for natural resources in order to hide their Judeo-Christian barbarism. Memmi notes that western colonizers typically refuse to acknowledge the great history of Islamic societies’ tolerance toward non-Muslim communities sharing the land. Even Muslim generosity has been portrayed as stupidity by the colonizers.

Those crazy Muslims don’t know the value of money; accept their hospitality, and they will feed you a meal that cost a month of their salary and offer you a gift worth ten times that. They’re just not frugal!,” wrote Memmi.

Today, all over the world, Muslims are generously risking and scarifying their lives in what any objective observer would recognize as a justified and noble struggle against the murderous, arguably genocidal imperialism of the West and its even more genocidal Zionist surrogate Yet unlike such non-Muslim freedom fighters as Che Guevara and Nelson Mandela, their Muslim equivalents (Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas) get little western sympathy even from the supposedly peace-loving ‘progressive intelligentsia,” says Kavin Barrett, PhD, a US convert to Islam.

That brings me to a fellow Canadian author and convert to Islam, Eric Walberg’s recent book of the same title. The book has been reviewed by several Muslims and non-Muslim writers (here and here).

Walberg discusses a united Islamic government (Khilafat), the failure of Shari’ah-based governance in several Muslim-majority nation states, the evilness of Capitalism, racism and religious intolerance around the world. He argues that Islam could save the world from its violent doomsday scenario.

The problem is that none of the 57 Muslim-majority states have applied Islamic Shari’ah in its true sense. The only state which comes closer to an Islamic state, is Iran, which is a “Theocracy” – a mixture of Islamic Shari’ah and the Western “democratic values”. Saudi Arabia is a Wahhabi tyranny created and maintained by the western colonial powers. Let’s not forget, the “only democracy in the ME,” Israel is also a “Theocracy” in Judaism.

Capitalism, like Communism, is a Jewish creation to serve Jewish oligarchs. Therefore, one cannot expect anything good coming from this system for the 99% world population. Islamic monetary system that is not based on usury, poses an existential threat to Capitalism, and thus must be resisted in the Zionist Occupied Western world.

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