Syria: Still no regime change

001ec949c22b12608bfd0d[1]It has been nearly four years, since Obama administration and its ‘willing partners’ began an open war on Syria to remove anti-Israel president Bashar Assad from power, as they did to Saddam Husein and Maummar Qaddafi in the past.

On July 31, 2015, David Kenner posted a lengthy article entitled Turkey Goes to War at the Foreign Policy magazine, a Zio-conservative mouthpiece. The Israeli propagandist was trying to kill two birds with one stone; demonizing Turkish president Erdogan and blaming Turks for killing Syrian Kurds, who have inflicted heavy loses to the US-Israel created ISIL/ISIS in the recent weeks.

One doesn’t need a PhD to conclude that an anti-Iran regime change in Damascus is not in Turkish national interest – but the only beneficiary of this, if it happened, would be the Zionist regime, as is the case in Iraq and Libya.

Kenner’s blame game goes: “Both the United States and Turkey agree that ISIS should be driven from its territory along the Turkish border, though the US officials only speak of an ‘ISIL-free zone’ while Turkish officials describe a vision of ‘de facto safe zone’ where displaced Syrians could find refuge from both regime and jihadi attacks.”

The idea of the so-called de fact safe zone was not cooked-up in Ankara – but at the Brookings Institute, an Israel advocacy group. The so-called Jihadi fighters are not treated in Turkey, but in Israeli hospitals.

One cannot blame Erdogan for killing Kurds in Syria as result of Kurd minority’s PKK’s significant gains in the recent Turkish election – which has destroyed Erdogan’s ruling AKP’s absolute majority. Furthermore, Ankara hate to see another pro-Israel mini Kurdistan along its Syrian border. Let’s not forget, there are over 50,000 Kurd Jews living in Israel.

Interestingly, last month, when Turkey decided to conduct airstrikes against ISIL and PKK militants in Iraq – the US and NATO command in the region refused to support the Turkish plan.

On September 12, 2014, Fred Hof at the Jewish New Republic couldn’t hide the reason why the ISIS was created in the first place, saying: We can’t destroy ISIS without destroying Bashar al-Assad first.

Here are the six reasons why the Zionist-controlled West wants a regime change in Damascus:

  1. The unbreakable Damascus-Tehran alliance against Israel.
  2. Bashar al-Assad’s criticism of the Zionist regime.
  3. Bashar al-Assad’s diplomacy in Latin America for oil import.
  4. Syria’s ruling Ba’athist party joined the Soviet block since it took power over 53 years ago. Lately, Assad regime has been courting China to counter-balance Western threats to country’s sovereignty.
  5. The Western military industrial mafia needs to create imaginary ‘enemies’ to fill its ‘Shylock pockets’. United States’ annual military and national security budget is over $1 trillion – which is more than the other four World Powers (Russia, China, UK and France) put together.
  6. Syria, like Iraq before, has refused to trade in American dollar.

Well, all pro-Israel American Jewish leaders don’t hate Bashar al-Assad. For example, Barbra Walters, who has visited Al-Bashar in Damascus twice, claims that Syrian president is charming and intelligent.

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