Exeter University to debate ‘Settler Colonialism in Palestine’

British powerful Israel lobby, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, has started a campaign against University of Exeter, which is due to hold an academic conference, entitled, Settlers Colonization in Palestine on October 2-4, 2015.

Lobby’s CEO, Gillian Merron has called upon the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), UK’s government funded organization, to cancel its annual funding of £247,535 to the university.

Earlier this year, the Board of Deputies, ran a similar anti-freedom of speech campaign to get a conference canceled at the University of Southampton.

The Trinidadian-born actress, broadcaster, poetess and politician, Baroness Floella Benjamin, is the honorary Chancellor of University of Exeter. She is member of pro-Israel Liberal Democrat Party. You can read her personal website here.

Several Zionist regime ministries and Jewish lobbying groups abroad spends hundred of million dollars to finance the pro-Israel Campus thugs.

Professors IIan Pappe (Israeli-born Jewish academic at University of Exeter), Marcelo Svirsky (University of Wollogong, Australia), Lorenzo Veracini (Swinburne University, Australia) and Israeli-born Nur Masalha (St. Mary’s University, London) have agreed to address the conference. The four academics have one thing in common – they all have authored books on Israel-Palestine conflict.

On August 9, 2015, Adam Levick, writing at UKMediaWatch (formerly Jewish CiF Watch) condemned the conference as an effort to delegitimize Israel by “radical historian Illan Pappe and Dr. Svirsky who in his book After Israel appears to call for an end to the ‘Zionist Project’ in Palestine.”

On November, 8, 2011, pro-Israeli picketers tried to hound Israeli-born British author and musician, Gilad Atzmon, prior to his speech at the Exeter University. Watch a video below.

The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel are all products of western settler colonialism. These countries are build on the death and destruction of indigenous people. Another common thing among these five countries, is they all are occupied by Zionist-controlled governments. In fact, New Zealand has a unique position among the fives – its prime minister John Phillip Key is Jewish.


2 responses to “Exeter University to debate ‘Settler Colonialism in Palestine’

  1. haha. great reply to these ankle biters. Thanks Rehmat.
    btw a few people from mw are blogging independently,
    which I comment on.
    https://platosguns.wordpress.com/ and https://blog.hddmp.com

    drop in anytime to share news. (found your link from TOO)


  2. Daniel Margrain

    Academic freedom and freedom of expression is the prerequisite to a functioning democracy. These Zionist thugs are the antithesis of this. The fact that the Jewish-Zionist lobby is so powerful it can prevent academics critiquing the settler state, is disturbing..

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