Netanyahu warns US-Canadian Jews of WWIII

On Tuesday, the Spooky Netanyahu warned the powerful Jewish lobby groups in both United States and Canada that the US-Iran nuclear deal, if ratified by US Congress, would pave groundwork for World War 3 that would result in a new Holocaust of Jewish people. In his video message (below), he parroted the same lies about Iran’s nuclear ambition which MK Benjamin Netanyahu invented in 1992.

Netanyahu claimed that a nuclear deal with Iran would lead to “regional nuclear arms race.” Even people who may have much lower IQ than Jews, could question: why there was no regional nuclear race for the last 50 years since Israel developed its first nuclear bomb with the help of France?

Call it ‘conspiracy theory’, if you like, but some Jewish historian have claimed that both WWI and WWII were initiated by Jewish elites. So, Netanyahu is not doing something new, though I’m sure he hates Jews like most Zionist leaders.

Israeli propaganda pundits have been threatening Obama administration that if the US military refused to conduct Israel’s proxy war against Iran like in Syria – Israel would be forced to go alone. However, the idiots know in their hearts that Iran is not Iraq under Saddam Hussian.

Barack Obama, recently told a Jewish delegation in the White House that if Congress rejects the US-Iran nuclear deal, the next US president could be forced into a military confrontation with Iran. Obama went on to warn the Jewish leaders that if that happened, the Iranian response to such attack would result in tens of thousands of missiles (Iranian, Hizbullah and Hamas) raining down on Tel Aviv – enough to create a new Holocaust.

On august 5, 2015, the former “moderate” Iranian president Ayatullah Rafsanjani (President Rouhani’s political Guru) told the visiting Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni that the US-Israel created ISIS/ISIL terrorists are trying their best to start WW III in the region.

Last month, the leader of 30,000-strong Iranian Jewish community, Haroun Yashayaei, predicted a Holocaust by saying: Your time is over Mr. Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is a habitual liar and warmonger. He knows very well that no matter which way the US-Israel nuclear agreement goes – he is in a win, win situation. If the US Congress reject the deal, Obama has threatened to veto it. All the 2016 presidential contestants have pledged their loyalties to Netanyahu. Therefore, US may attack Iran over cooked-up false claims as it did ahead of Iraqi invasion on Purim 2003. In the meantime, the Zionist regime would be able to suck additional aid from American taxpayers to counter Netanyahu’s imaginary Iranian ‘existential’ threat to nuclear Israel. Obama has already announced to increase annual military aid from the current $3 billion to $4.5 billion next year.

2 responses to “Netanyahu warns US-Canadian Jews of WWIII

  1. Daniel Margrain

    Good post.I read about this on Atzmon’s site. Please check out my latest post, I think you might find it interesting. Feel free to post it with a link to my site. Cheers.

    • Gilad Atzmon is a rare Jew. We used to discuss Islam at Italy-based Mary Rizzo’s website ‘Peacepalestine’. Atzmon’s posting never appeared at Mary Rizzo’s second blog, Palestine Think Tank, so I lost direct contact with Atzmon until I was criticized by the ‘Jews Sans Frontiers’ for calling Atzmon as ‘Jewish Messiah’ while reviewing his book in September 2011.

      The last time I heard, Ms Rizzo was associated with ‘Tlaxcala’ website. Recently, Rizzo has come after Atzmon calling him ‘self-centered’.

      As for as I know, Gilad Atzmon believes that Israel has no right to exist. On the other hand, Mary Rizzo, claim that Israel has every right to exist within pre-1967 borders.

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