When Ernest Zundel warned Muslims

Zndel[1]On August 5, 2015, professor James Fetzer (University of Minnesota Duluth) posted a very informative article (here) on the trail of German citizen, Ernest Zundel, who was sued by a Polish-born wealthy Jewish woman Sabina Citron, founder of Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association (she currently lives in Israel) for spreading hatred against Jews in a booklet, titled, Did Six Million Really Die?.

What Fetzer missed is that Holocaust ‘Revisionism’ is not a crime under Canadian law as is the case in 15 European countries and Israel. Zundel was dragged to the court for publishing a 4-page pamphlet, titled, The West, War, and Islam – in which Zundel warned the Muslim world of Zionist Jewish agenda against Islam and Muslims.

I remember how Izzy Asper’s Jewish-controlled Canadian mainstream media demonized Ernest Zundel during the seven-week trail. On May 13, 1988, Judge Ronald Thomas pronounced Zundel innocent of having “spread false news” in the 1970s pamphlet, The west, War, and Islam. However, he sentenced Zundel nine-month in jail, not for authoring, but for publishing Did Six Million Really Die?.

Zundel was denied Canadian citizenship. He immigrated to United States, but was chased out of the country by the Jewish Lobby in 2003. He returned to Canada, but in 2005, a Canadian judge declared Zundel “a threat to national security and to the international community of nations.” The ruling paved the way for the Jewish groups to get him officially deported to his native Germany in late 2005 where denial of Six Million Died is a Federal crime, punishable five-year in jail. Zundel served next five years in a German jail.

Zundel’s Holocaust denial book didn’t attracted my attention during his trail. I always wonder why people take the “Six Million” count so seriously. After all, Jewish Scripture has long claimed that Romans killed four billion Jews in the past according to Talmud (Gittin 57b and Gittin 58a). In other word, during the Roman empire, every soul living outside Rome was Jewish!

British Jewish writer, Paul Eisen, who is very proud of his Jewishness – says that he didn’t find a single statement which could be called hateful toward Jews. He also claims that there is nothing wrong with being so-called Holocaust denier.

To me, a holocaust revisionist (denier, if they like) is an entirely honorable thing to be. So why should I rush to deny that I’m one? By no mean I agree to everything Ernest Zundel believes, but his flamboyant activism makes me both laugh out loud at his antics while standing in silent awe at his courage. Similarly with professor Robert Faurisson, whose courage and quest for exactitude puts like of Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein to complete and utter shame. Revisionists seem to me to be, along with the Palestinian people, amongst the bravest people on the planet,” wrote Eisen on February 5, 2006.

I was not at Auschwitz so I don’t know for sure exactly what did or didn’t happen there. But I have a fair look at the evidence and it looks to me that revisionists are more right than they’re wrong,” added Eisen.


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