Jon Stewart: A Palestinian Hero!

It’s August 6 – famous American Jewish Comedian, author and film director, Jon Stewart, 52, said goodbye to millions of his fans as host of The Daily Show for the last sixteen years.

Stewart was joined by some of his past guests including Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Ed Helms, Olivia Munn, Bruce Springsteen, etc. Springsteen played “Land of Hopes and Dreams“. Watch Jon Stewart’s story on the tube below.

To tell the truth, I rarely watched Jon Stewart’s show. His guests were mostly crook politicians who have always made me sick with their lies and sucking-up to Jewish Lobby. I like Bill Cosby whose show any decent person can watch with his family members.

However, Jon Stewart must be given the credit for using his ‘Jewish privilege’ sometimes to blast Israel. In the so-called ‘democratic and civilized’ West, only Jewish minority has the Freedom of Speech to make fun of anything they like including the new Jewish religion Holocaust (here, here and here).

As a Jew, Jon Stewart, is allowed to say things about Israel and be called a self-loathing Jew, as opposed to an anti-Semite,” said fellow Jewish comedian, Katie Halper on August 6, 2015.

Last year, Jon Stewart (née Jonathan Stuart Leibovitz) directed an anti-Iran movie, Rosewater, which is based on the Zionist narrative of the arrest of Newsweek’s Iranian-born reporter Maziar Bahari, while covering Ahmadinejad’s 2009 re-election, the so-called the Stolen election.

The Morning Jew show host, Katie Halper, American comedian, writer and film-maker, considers Jon Stewart to be the only Jewish celebrity who has the guts to criticize the Zionist regime.

Palestinian-American comedian Amer Zahr, also agrees with Ms Halper – and I do respect Zahr’s opinion.

From the media’s refusal to use term OCCUPATION to its insistence to create a faux-parity between oppressor and oppressed, Palestinians have become accustomed to seeing their images grossly twisted on every American news channel. In fact, if one were to only watch CNN to glean the latest development, one might think there is a country named Israel fighting a country named Palestine. But for the past fifteen or so, amid a sea of bias and distortion, one voice in American media has given some modicum of balance to discussion on the Palestinian question. One personality has dared to criticize Israeli policies that have for so long denied the most basic of rights to Palestinian through occupation and supremacy. That one man is Jewish American Jon Stewart. Whether Stewart knows it or not, and whether he likes it or not – he has become a bit of hero to us Palestinians over the years,” says Amer Zahr.

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