UK’s Royal Mail to honor an Holohoaxer

P1040431[1]The US-based Jewish website, is running a petition to the Royal Mail to immortalize Sir Nicholas Winton (Wertheimer), one of UK’s Holohoaxers by putting his face on a new postal stamp issue. The petition was sponsored by UK’s Israel lobby, the Holocaust Educational Trust, the Association of Jewish Refugees (not from the Muslim nations), Sir Michael Lawrence Davis (Jewish), chairman of David Cameron’s Holocaust Commission. The petition is blessed by UK’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mervis and several Jewish lawmakers.

Sir Winton who died early this month at 106, was born into a Jewish family but later allegedly converted to Christianity. He is credited with saving 669 Jewish Czech children from Holocaust. He was declared a Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem in Israel which is built over a Muslim Cemetery.

A sculpture of Winton holding crying Jewish children adorns Prague railway station (see photo above). Last year, he received Czech’s highest award, the Order of the White Lion, from Czech president.

Czech’s 0.04 Jewish population has iron grip over the nation. In 1948, the Judeo-communist regime in Czechoslovakia was the first European country to supply arms to Jewish terrorist groups involved in the ethnic-cleansing of native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. During 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Czech was one the few European government which supported the Zionist regime against Hizbullah. In 2008-09, Israeli war, Czech Republic also defended Israel against Hamas.

David Harris, executive director American Jewish Committee (AJC), in a statement paid glowing tributes to Winton. “Nicholas Winton embodied the finest qualities of the human spirit. His selfless determination led to the rescue of 669 children, mostly Jewish, from Prague to safety and new lives in England. Without his courageous action, the fate of those children would doubtless have been sealed by the Nazi killing machine,” he said.

Just imagine the reaction of these British patriotic Jews, had some Christian organization petitioned to the Royal Mail to issue stamps honoring British soldiers, Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, who were kidnapped in British mandate Palestine by Menachem Begin (latter prime minister of the Zionist entity), head of the Irgun Jewish terrorists, and then on 31st July 1947 were hanged with piano wire in the eucalyptus groves at Netanya. Their bodies were booby-trapped in the hope of killing those who came to cut the bodies down.

That’s what British Jewish writer Paul Eisen calls The Jewish Power.

On November 2, 2014, Francis Carr Begbie exposed Sir Winton’s story as another Holocaust myth. Begbie claims Winton, a Jewish banker from Britain spent only three weeks in Prague over the Christmas break in 1938 and left before the Germans arrived. It were a handful of non-Jews who ran for greater personal risks, spent months behind the enemy lines carrying forged documents and whose selfless efforts lead to the rescue of many thousands of Jews and non-Jews.

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