Berlin’s ‘Jewish Olympics’

Thanks to Chancellor Angela Markel’s Israel sucking mentally, an all Jewish Maccabi Sports held its 34th European Games in Berlin Stadium built by Chancellor Adolf Hitler for the 1936 Olympics games. The two-week long event started on July 28, 2015.

Nearly 2500 Jewish athletes from 36 western countries including the US, Canada and Israel are competing in this ‘Jewish Olympic’ held every four years. The first event was held in British occupied Palestine in 1932. The Maccabi Sports Movement began in 1895 in Istanbul.

The ‘Jewish Olympics’ is sponsored by the NY-based Jewish Community Center Association of North America, Maccabi World Union, Maccabi Canada and Maccabi USA for Israel.

In May 1931, the International Olympics Committee selected Germany to hold the Olympics game before the rise of Adolf Hitler. Germany’s Olympics Committee, head by Dr. Theodor Lewald (Jewish) spent 42 million Reichmarks to build an impressive 325-acre Olympics sports complex about five miles west of Berlin for the 1936 Olympics games. In 1935, American Jewish Congress and other Jewish lobby groups called-upon western governments to boycott the Berlin event.

Avery Brundage (d. 1975), president of American Olympic Committee, was against the Olympics boycott. He insisted that sports events should be kept out of world politics. But under pressure from Jewish groups, he agreed to let two Jewish athletes, Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller, be excluded from the US Olympics team – the largest US team ever participated in American history. They’re replaced by Afro-American sprinters Jesse Owens (d. 1980) and Ralph Herold Metcalfe Sr. Both were acknowledged as the two fastest men in the world. The change in fact brought good luck for the US team – as Owens became the first Black to win four Gold Medals in 1936.

Ralph Herold Metcalfe later joined Democrat party and served Congressman for four terms till his sudden death in 1978. He was co-founder of Congressional Black Caucus and is known for his criticism of apartheid regimes both in South Africa and Israel.

Jewish Lobby waited for 79 years to honor its two ‘fallen athletes’ at the ‘Nazi Stadium’. Marty Glickman’s (d. 2001) youngest daughter Nancy Glickman lighted the flame at Berlin’s ‘Jewish Olympics’. Sam Stoller’s second cousin Steven Stoller was ‘guest of honor’ at the opening ceremony.

Hitler’s favorite German film director Leni Riefenstahl (married to Jewish Major Peter Jacob) was commissioned to make a documentary on 1936 Olympics. Some Jewish writers later called her Hitler’s mistress. She never joined Nazi party, but maintained good relations with Eva Braun, a photographer by profession and Hitler’s longtime companion who married Hitler before committing suicide on April 30, 1945.

Incidentally, Tony Perrotett in his book, The Naked Olympics, claims that two of the most well-known symbols of the Olympics games – the Olympics rings and the torch relay didn’t originate in ancient Greece – but were Leni Riefenstahl’s brainchild.

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