Congo: The ‘New Palestine’ of Africa

prince2kl[1]A report released by GRAIN in June 2015, has accused Canadian agro-business company, Feronia Inc., financed by American and European development groups, involving in land grabbing, corrupt practices and human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Feronia Inc. is a subsidiary of TriNorth Capital Inc., a Canadian-based investment company. Read an interview with Devlin Kuyek, senior researcher at GRAIN (here).

Congolese people especially 15 million Muslims have long been victims of Israeli diamond vultures, CIA and Mossad terrorism. Congo, despite large deposits of gold, diamond and uranium, is one the poorest nations in Africa.

In October 2007, Congolese government suspended child adoption by Israelis as result of abduction and organ harvesting cases involving Israeli doctors working under a French NGO cover in neighboring Chad.

As compared to Uganda, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan, etc. DR Congo is very ‘civilized’ when it comes to Jewish-supported LGBT rights. According to UNHRC report, there is no discrimination law against LGBT community and they’re free to show same-sex love in public without worrying about criticism from Muslim clerics and Christian priests. However, same sex marriage is not legalized as yet.

To learn more about western loot and genocide in Congo – read American investigative war reporter Keith Harmon Snow blog here.


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