Israel: Tehran cuts aid to Hamas

Authcartoon[1]The first lesson the Israel’s propaganda idiots receive, is that being ‘G-d’s Chosen’ people, they’re the only one with human brain, and the rest of seven billion non-Jews have bird’s brain.

On July 28, 2015, Jerusalem-based news website, The Times of Israel quoted Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk saying that Tehran has “drastically decreased financial and military aid” to Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance Hamas since latter’s refusal to support Syrian Assad regime. Damascus trained Palestinian fighters and provided accommodation and financial aid to Khalid Mashaal, Hamas political bureau chief in exile for years.

Abu Marzouk’s remarks came on the heels of a visit by senior Hamas officials to Riyadh in what has been deemed indicative of a shift in allegiance from Shiite Iran, which has provided it with arms and money in recent years, to Sunni Saudi Arabia,” stated the news site.

Abu Marzouk and Saleh Aruri had accompanied Khaled Meshaal, who visited Riyadh in July 2015 at the invitation of Saudi government. It was Meshaal’s first visit to Riyadh since he closed his operation in Damascus three year ago. It came at the heel of Emir of Qatar’s $250 million bribe.

Iran has become the main financier of Hamas. Therefore, the movement didn’t cut its relationship with Tehran. Hamas is waiting to change the Saudi position, even change the Egyptian position and open the Rafah crossing,” Zionist news website, Middle East Eye, commented on Meshall’s Riyadh visit on July 20, 2015.

Interestingly, on April 20, 2015, The Times of Israel quoted Radio Israel saying that a high-ranking Hamas official was arrested by Saudi police for allegedly “money laundering and smuggling”.

On February 21, 2000, the Jew York Times called Israel “a paradise for money laundering”. In March 2015, Israeli police arrested three Israeli Jew businessmen for smuggling arms and building material to Gaza Strip and celling it to Hamas for millions of shekels.

On May 31, 2013, UK’s newspaper Telegraph reported: “Iran has cut up to £15 million a month in funding as punishment for not supporting Syrian regime.” It seems, Iran could have been funding Hamas as much as the US annual military aid to Israel ($3 billion)!

Considering Hamas leaders who stood against Israel-US-EU blockade since 2006, would be so stupid to expect financial aid from Saudi ‘royals’ who gave Israel $16 billion aid during 2012-2014 period. Riyadh has been providing funds to pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups for decades in order to swing Washington’s foreign policy against the Islamic Republic.

Saudi ‘royals’ also bankrolled military coup against president Morsi, who committed ‘anti-Semitism ‘ by opening Egypt-Gaza Rafah crossing for humanitarian aid to 1.7 million Palestinian trapped inside Israel’s Nazi Concentration Camp. Morsi, who is sentenced to death by Egypt’s Crypto-Jew military dictator Gen. al-Sisi for being a member of anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood – never broke diplomatic relation with Tel Aviv.

When I read professor Juan Cole with Jewish family roots, and a consultant to CIA, supporting this Israeli ‘smoking gun’, I felt smelling a rotten fish.

According to the US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) 2002 report on ‘terrorism against Israel’ claimed that Hamas has an annual operational income of $20 million – 10% of which comes from Khamenei Foundation. It also said that “Hamas armed activities represent a small portion of their resources.”

Washington and Tel Aviv, on the other hand, insist that while Hamas receives money from Iran, Syria, UAE governments and Islamic charities in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, the US, UK, Canada and some other countries for its government operation and social works – Islamic Jihad receives its total annual budget of $2 million entirely from Iran and Syria.

Hamas/Islamic Jihad have used Iranian rockets to defend Gaza civilians from Israel’s airstrikes in the past. Israel has claimed that Hizbullah military wing provide Hamas military training and some of arms it receives from Iran via Syria.

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