Zionist Jew stabs six gays in Jerusalem

Emil Salman, Uri Lantz

On July 30, 2015, Israeli police rearrested Yishai Schlissel for stabbing six gays at the Jerusalem Pride Parade. Schlissel must hate LGBT world community whose members pump largest money ($100 million in 2013) into Israel’s tourist industry. He was convicted for stabbing a gay Jew during a similar parade in 2005, and was released from jail only recently.

According to Jerusalem Mayor, two of the victims are still in serious conditions.

The latest stabbing will certainly undermine the pinkwashing of the Zionist regime, trying to present Israel as a tolerant, civil society through the widely advertised Pride events in Tel Aviv, also known as the Pink City.

I suggest, instead of locking the “religious Zionist” Schlissel, this time, Netanyahu should wrap him in a nice gift box and ship him to gay hating Russia or Uganda, two of Israel’s best allies.

One of Israel’s sinister agenda that is not much talked about in the media is Queer being used as colonial tool of oppression. By providing special treatment to Palestinian and Arab Queers, the Zionist regime propagates the myth: “We can exist together.” Israeli gay movie Oriented, released in the US and UK last month, is the latest attempt to project that myth.

A brainchild of British-born Israeli gay Jew, Jake witzenfeld, revolves around the lives of Palestinian gay, Khader Abu-Seif and his Jew boyfriend David Pearl who had a ‘happy sexual’ relationship for four-and-half year in world’s top brothel city, Tel Aviv. They couldn’t call themselves “husband and wife”, because same-sex is illegal in the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’.


Khader Abu-Seif and ex-boyfriend David Pearl during Oriented in their Tel Aviv apartment. The pair were together four and a half years. (Photo courtesy of Oriented)

The Palestinian and Jewish characters in the film, send the message that they’re part of “gender equality”, which is not allowed in Gaza or the West Bank or the Arab world – and they hate to be identified with European Jewish occupation and its Palestinian victims.

The film presents Tel Aviv as a character of liberal convergence, an urban oasis, where gays from Germany, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, France, the US and UK can come without being persecuted by the local government and Israeli public.

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