Sami Yusuf performs in Israel – his music banned in Iran

samiyusuf2[1]Sami Yusuf, one of UK’s famous Muslim pop singers, was 3-year-old when his Iranian parents of Azerbaijan ethnic immigrated to London after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Recently, knowing the Iranian artist’s boycott of the Zionist entity, Sami Yusuf went ahead and performed in Israeli occupied city of Nazareth, the birth-place of prophet Jesus.

On July 27, 2015, UK’s top newspaper, The Guardian, reported that as result of Sami Yusuf performance in “Palestine” – the Iran’s State TV banned broadcasting “Islam’s top singer’s” music. This ‘smoking gun’ was picked by every Israeli and Jewish-controlled western mainstream media including the anti-Iran Arab government-owned printed media and TV channels.

Iran’s TV broadcasting official has refuted Guardian’s claim.

These Arab idiots even didn’t bother to check that Guardian newspaper is controlled by its Zionist Jew executive editor Jonathan freedland. In the past, Jewish Time magazine had declared Sami Yusuf: ‘Islam’s biggest rock star’. The Zionist-controlled Al-Jazeera English awarded him the title of King of Islamic pop, and in 2009, Jewish BBC named Sami Yusuf one of the 30 More Famous Britons.

Like the Jewish-controlled media, Sami Yusuf on his personal website also claims that he went to “Palestine” and not Israel to entertain his Palestinian fans. The guy must be idiot not to notice that 3500-year-old Palestine ceased to exist as a country on May 14, 1948. A great majority of Arab residents of Israeli Nazareth city are the lucky Muslims who were able to escape death at the hands of Jewish terrorists carrying out ethnic-cleansing of Muslims in the neighboring Muslim Arab villages in 1948. Currently, nearly two-third of 75,000 inhabitants of the city are Muslims.

Personally, Sami Yusuf prefers to be simply called Muslim artist, and not be associated with his birth country Iran – fearing that would damage his popularity and thus sale of his albums.

Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 – Tehran has cut all diplomatic and trading relations with the Zionist entity. In fact, Israel has been at war with Iran for the last 35 years.

Sami Yusuf who has never visited Iran since his parents took residence in London, was interviewed by young Iranian journalist and author, Kourosh Ziabari in March 2015. Read the interview here.

Last year, Sami Yusuf contributed a song to Iran’s movie on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Listen Yusuf praising the One and Only Lord of Universe, ALLAH, below.

4 responses to “Sami Yusuf performs in Israel – his music banned in Iran

  1. From Sami Yusuf’s official site:

    I was very surprised to hear that the official state TV and Radio for the Islamic Republic of Iran has banned my music and likeness due to my recent performance in Nazareth.

    I was not aware that bringing smiles to the faces of my beloved Palestinian brothers and sisters could cause such offence to the government of Iran. I am sorry that my precious listeners in Iran will be denied my music for sometime, but I will not apologise for performing in Palestine.

    Music is permeable and was never meant to be confined to borders nor used for political ends, rather, It was meant to echo freely throughout space and time. May we one day see a Free Palestine.

    With love and prayers.

    – See more at:

    • It’s not his music which I never heard in my life before that I criticized but his action which have further demonized both Palestinian cause and the Islamic Republic’s non-stop support for the cause which has already been abandoned by the Arab puppet rulers.

      If Sami has such “love for Palestinian brothers” as he claims – Why didn’t he ever participated in the International al-Quds Day in UK or his so-called “mother land”, Iran – or didn’t he performed in Gaza instead, which is the only 6% of Motherland Palestinian have succeeded in liberating the Jew occupiers?

      I’m sure he would have problem in answering that question – I suggest he pick-up the phone and call another famous British musician, Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon, who would be more than glad to tell Sami where to “stick his love for the Palestinian brothers”.

  2. You don’t want to acknowledge a “PALESTINE” today… why? Is it more conducive to creating warriors (and possible “martyrs”) for ISIL to see “Palestine” as a DEAD victim, rather than as a sleeping, captive entity?
    By doing this, you acknowledge Zionist/Israel as the “new Master” of that land… just as the Turks are the “Master” of the dead Constantinople (which Istanbul “wiped off the map”).
    Map-wiping is such a fascinating study. ISIL is wiping Palmyra “off the map” this week… and has other projects lined up. Indonesia has a few, also… and in Sri Lanka (which “wiped Ceylon off the map”) there are also plans. And even near your home, the Quebecois have plans… ^..^

    • Idiotic comment as usual.

      Palestine existed over 5,000 years until May 14, 1948, when it was ‘wiped off the map’ by European Jewish terrorists. It’s not up to me, you or the 65 million Christian Zionists to decide what’s good for the nine million Palestinians living in Europe’s “Jewish Ghettos” in the past.

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