Nasrullah urges Global Resistance against Israel

Syria[1]On Tuesday, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah, leader of Israel’s most feared Islamic Resistance group, Hizbullah, urged the Muslim World to continue military, diplomatic and media resistance against world’s most arrogant regime occupying Palestine. He said that the Zionist regime through his proxy regimes in the west and the region has declared an open war on Muslims.

Nasrullah made the statement during his address to the 1st annual meeting of the Conference of International Union of Resistance Scholars held in Beirut via TV. The meeting was attended by scholars representing different Islamic denominations.

Other scholars also urged Muslims to confront the Western evil agenda of Shia-Sunni divide which only serves the US-Israeli evil agenda in the Muslim world, particularly in the Middle East.

The academics described the Zionist entity being the root cause of conflicts, economic, political, racism, Islamophobia and cultural problems Muslims facing around the world.

American Jewish journalist and author, Steve Lendman, posted an article supporting Nasrullah’s stand against the Zionist regime, which debunks the US and Israeli lies about Hizbullah.

Hizbullah is a legitimate part of Lebanese government. It’s not a terrorist organization as Washington and Israel claim. It’s born out of Jewish army’s 1982 invasion – devastating naked aggression slaughtering nearly 18,000 people mostly civilians including Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camp massacres,” Lendman said.

The massacre was carried out on the orders of Gen Ariel Sharon, a Crypto-Jew, who was born to Jewish father and Russian Christian mother. Sharon never converted to Judaism based on Halaka, the Jewish Shari’ah laws.

Hizbullah is more than a political entity. It has a military wing for self-defense – not the naked aggression the way America and Israel operate. It provides vital social, charitable, educational and healthcare services. It established dozens of hospitals and schools. It enjoys widespread support, specially among Shias comprising over one-third of country’s total population,” Lendman added.

Israel’s high crimes take many forms. Muslims are targets for praying to the wrong G-d. Thousands are wrongfully imprisoned for political reasons,” Lendman claims.

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