Uri Avnery: Netanyahu helped Iran become regional power

Yes sir, Uri Avnery, 91, the former Jewish Irgun terrorist, member of Israeli Knesset, and currently the so-called ‘righteous Jew’ and ‘peacemaker’, is quite a character. In September 2013, Avnery called Iranian president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Israeli Mossad agent. In October 2013, he tried in vain to prove that the Zionist entity is not an apartheid state.

American Jewish writer, Roger Tucker, describes Uri Avnery, Chomsky and Jimmy Carter as ‘Wolves in Sheep clothing’, Crypto Zionist.

In his July 18, 2015 column, Avnery has claimed that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cheering dogs in both Israel and United States were ‘duped’ by smart Iranian propaganda about Iran’s non-existent nuclear threat to Israel. The result is, Netanyahu’s Iranophobia has made Israel an international joke after the nuclear agreement signed between the so-called P5+1 and Iran.

Netanyahu’s nightmare of an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel is just that – a nightmare of an ignorant dilettante (what about the rest of Israeli Jews who have made him the longest-serving prime minister). Israel is a nuclear power with a solid second-strike capability. as we see, the Iranian leaders are hard-boiled realists. Would they even dream of inviting an inevitable Israeli retaliation that would wipe from the face of the earth their three millennia-old civilization,” wrote Avnery.

As a cunning Zionist Jew, Avnery forgot to mention that Israeli retaliatory second-strike would also wipe-out most of Israel’s five million, and 3,000 Iranian Jews, as result of such Israeli nuclear strike’s radiation after-effects.

Avnery then goes on to equate the 1979 Islamic Revolution with Jewish Zionism. He claims that today’s Israel is not as the ‘Fathers of Zionism’ wanted the Jewish occupied Palestine to look like. According to Avnery Iranian leaders misuse Islam like the Israeli leaders misuse Zionism to hide their real agenda: “to turn the region’s countries into Iranian vassals, as they’re 2400 years ago.”

I bet, Avnery must be very proud of the Jewish Queen Esther of Persia during that period of Persian Empire for murdering 75,000 Persian.

The US, led by a bunch of neocon fools, destroyed Iraq, which for many centuries had served as the bulwark of the Arab world against Iranian expansion. Now, under the banner of the Shia, Iran is expanding its power all over the Region. Shiite Iraq is now to a large extent an Iranian vassal. The leaders of Syria, a Sunni country ruled by a small semi-Shiite sect (Avnery is confusing non-religious Socialist Ba’athist regime with Alawite Shia minority) , depend on Iran (Syria is still region’s Russian vassal) for their survival. In Lebanon, the Shiite Hezbollah (it represents Shias, Sunnis, Christians and Nationalists) is a close ally with growing power and prestige. So is Hamas in Gaza, which is entirely Sunni. And the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who are Zaidis (Zaidis were supported by Tel Aviv against Nasser’s Egypt in 1962),” wrote Avnery.

I must admit, though, Avnery did tell some truth. For example, he wrote: “Perhaps, (Iranian) some support for Hizbullah and Hamas, which were not their creation.”

Avnery also said: “Clearly, Iran and its allies are the wave of the future, Saudi Arabia and its allies belongs to the past.” I hope Avnery realizes that his Zionist entity is also an ally in Saudi Arabia’s war against the ‘Axis of resistance’ (Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Iraq).

One of Netanyahu’s arguments is that the Iranians can and will cheat the naive Americans and build the bomb. He is sure that this is possible. Well, he should know. We did it, didn’t we?,” Avnery concluded his article with this truth.

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