Lobby: Pakistan’s ‘War on Terror’ threatens democracy

jinnah[2]Brussels-based NGO, the International Crisis Group (ICG) in its Report released on Wednesday, has claimed that Pakistan Army in its counter-terrorism campaign is threatening country’s democratically-elected government of pro-American prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

I’m no fan of direct military dictatorship (Israel, Egypt, Sudan, etc.) or Constitutional dictatorship (the US, Russia, France, Germany, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, etc.). But there is no denying to the fact, that four military dictatorships (Generals Ayub Khan, Zia-ul Haq, Yahya and Pervez Musharraf) that ruled Pakistan more than half of its existence, were conceived by the US State Department to destroy democratic process in Pakistan after the assassination of country’s first democratically elected prime minister, Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan.

America has given $28.5 billion military aid to Pakistan during the last 40 years – making it the fourth largest US military aid receiver after Israel, Egypt and Turkey.

Having said that, let’s see why ICG is so worried about “democracy” in the only Muslim nation with nukes (approximately 90 of them)? Morton Abramowitz (Zionist Jew), a former US diplomat, and vice-president World Bank, co-founded the NGO in 1995. He is former president of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and also holds senior positions at other Israel advocacy groups, such as, The Century Foundation, The National Interest, and George Soro’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Last year, Ofer Zalzberg, a senior analyst with ICG wrote at The Times of Israel that the US and EU should recognize Hamas as the rightfully elected representative of an independent Palestinian state and should pay its staff salaries in order to neutralize its arm resistance against Israel. Even this cunning suggestion was criticized by the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor gang which called it “biased reporting”.

The ICG receives funds from governments of the US, Canada, Australia, Austria, Turkey, Germany, France, and private donors like Ford Foundation, Soro Foundation, etc. ICG’s media outlets are usually NYT, WP and WSJ; all affiliated with American Jewish Lobby.

The report claims that Pakistan army is misusing the shooting at Peshawar military school by the so-called “jihadis” in December 2014 which resulted in the death of 137 young students and seven terrorists to persecute innocent people while forcing law-makers to bring-back death penalty. What the authors of the report are hiding that the said massacre was committed by American, Israeli and Indian intelligence agencies.

Both the current army chief, Gen. Raheel Sharif and his predecessor Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani have vowed to make Pakistan a ‘terrorist free’ country while keeping the armed forces out of politics. This is not a good news for America which always prefers dictatorship over democracy in Muslim nation-states.

Pakistan has been on Zionist Mafia radar even before the creation of the Zionist entity in 1948. In 1944, the leader of Pakistan movement, Muhammad Ali Jinnah along with Mahatma Gandhi ran a campaign against the partition of historic Palestine. In 1946, Jinnah met Mufti of Palestine in Cairo and assured him Indian Muslims’ undying support for an independent Palestinian state.

In August 2014, John Hammer told the truth: The ‘War on Terrorism’ is fake, in reality it’s ‘War on Islam’.

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