9/11: New photos prove it an ‘inside job’

Israeli 'Venegeance' strikes OsloOn July 24, 2015, the US National Archives released the final batch of nearly 350 classified photographs taken by former vice-president Dick Cheney’s staff photographer inside the White House Operations Center, on September 11, 2001. The photos show George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Gen Colin Powell and national security advisers having discussions inside the deep underground bunker while the New York World Trade Center(WTC) and Pentagon were hit by mini nuclear missiles.

The photographs were released on the request of Colette Neirouz Hanna, coordinating producer for the Kirk Documentary Group, which makes films for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) Frontline under Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).

From the first moment after the attacks on the WTC, vice-president Cheney has been at the center of much of government’s response. We knew he had a photographer assigned to take pictures of almost everything he did and have been trying to obtain those pictures – from inside the secret bunker under the White House to the ‘undisclosed secure locations’ where he spend the weeks after September 11, 2001. Now, 14 years later we finally have those photographs and American people can see for themselves what took place in those first 24 hours,” says Hanna.

She added that photos have been captioned on the Frontline website, so Americans can finally see what happened with the Vice President during those important hours after 9/11.

Commenting on the photographs, Dr. James Henry Fetzer (University of Minnesota), told Iran’s Press TV that Dick Cheney was in charge of the 9/11 ‘False flag’ operation which was carried out with the help Zio-Conservatives in the White House and Israeli Mossad.

Michel Robert published a stunning book, entitled Crossing the Rubicon, that laid out evidence, many prove that Dick Cheney had been in charge of the events of 9/11.

A fascinating story was told to the 9/11 Commission by Norman Yoshio Mineta, Secretary of Transportation under George Bush administration, who was in an underground bunker beneath the White House with Dick Cheney claimed that an aide came up to Cheney and told him, ‘Sir, it’s fifty miles up; sir, it’s  forty miles up;  sir, it’s thirty miles up; do the orders still stand?’ At which point, Cheney turned around and told him, ‘Of course, the orders still stand, that you heard anything to the contrary?’

Dr. Fetzer claims the orders had to be not to shoot the plane down, because shooting down the plane would have been the obvious thing to do. You would have lost the plane, but not the property and personnel at the target, which was in this case the Pentagon.

Read more on Israeli terrorism in the US here.

See three photos below.


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