Obama returns to his ‘Father’s Dream Land’: Kenya

p19[1]On Friday, US president Barack Obama lands in Kenya for the first time as president of Israel’s American colony.

Barack Obama who had avoided to be seen shaking hands with Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, who had long been declared antisemite by the US Jewish lobby groups for supporting Gaza-ruling Hamas. The allegation is as much ridiculous as the claim that Bible promised Palestine to Jews. In fact, Kenyan intelligence and security agencies have always collaborated with Israeli Mossad to carry-out false flag operations for which Muslim minority (30%) had been blamed (here, here and here).

So what made Obama to come out of his ‘closet-phobia’? I think, his ‘great achievements’ during this month were the main driving force behind his trip to Kenya, plus the fact, being at the end of his final term in the White House, he doesn’t feel terrified by the Jewish Lobby. Obama’s three achievements are; US Supreme Court’s blessings to ObamaCare and same-sex marriage, and of course stopping Iran to have something which it never wanted.

Naturally, the Jewish media is not happy for Obama to meet his Muslim family members. On July 22, the Jew York Times predicted that the president will come out of Kenya more ‘confused’ than before. Obama’s former Jewish adviser, David Axelrod said: “Obviously, Kenya holds a special place for him, and it was central to that first book and, I think, central to his self-exploration. And I also think he knows what he represents there.”

On June 19, 2015 in an Op-Ed at the Zio-Conservative mouthpiece, Foreign Policy (FP), former Israeli ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, blasted Barack Obama for “opening his heart to Muslims” by not attending the so-called “Paris March” to blame Muslims for Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Interestingly, while most Israelis consider Barack Obama the best friend they ever had in the White House – Many Afro-Americans call him a traitor to the Black race.

One response to “Obama returns to his ‘Father’s Dream Land’: Kenya

  1. “central to his self-exploration”
    What exploration? There is no “there” there. He is an empty suit stuffed by the Pritzker family and kept serviceable as a dummy by his Jewish handlers, who happen to be the misnomed “Left”.
    His tiff with Netanyahu only apes the scuffle for the bone between the Soros and the Adelson packs.

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